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Up everybody here we go. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe charlie kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know. We are lucky to have charlie. Charlie kirks running the white house folks. I wanna thank joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building. One of the most powerful youth organisations ever created turning usa. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Hey everybody welcome to this episode of the charlie kirk show producer. Andrew co hosting with me and with us is a friend of mine. Dr keith rose. Many of you heard. Before on the charlie kirk show. Podcast also has his own. Podcast called the scalpel with keith. Rose keith was right on ouchi before anybody else. He was right on hydroxychloroquine he was right on the virus and he said it publicly and directly on the show and when you predict things early you get you gain a lot of respect in my eyes so keith. Welcome back to the charlie kirk show. Thanks joe you'd be. You're so dr rose for our audience. Why don't you walk through of what's going on here. Without cheat with ron clain with the vaccine the floor is yours sure There were several small groups that were trying to get emails little known groups. You can look them up on the internet. A smattering of emails through different people and dr thou- cheese orbit and we saw these early on in the beginning of the twenty twenty even late two thousand nineteen. But it wasn't 'til this email dump that we we really see the picture all coming together. What some of us knew and some of us thought what you're seeing right now as you're seeing clear cut example of dr fouled. She what we call prepping the battlespace getting everything ready for this pandemic how they were going to message it how they were going to put the message out. One of the biggest things that dr vouching was concerned about in early february late january was how they were going to tie the corona virus shoe and natural zoonotic spread coming from an animal and dr fauci was very got together with a lot of people and was very specific on how they should tie that together. You can see it in his emails and you can also see it not only in his emails. I think charlie what's just as important what's not shown in these emails. What's blanked out because there was one email in particular and it was set up. Because someone wanted. I believe at the aspen institute institute wanted to speakers on the corona virus. Now this is early february and this is before we even said it was a pandemic. This is before really in america. Anyone was concerned about it and the two speakers they wanted at the aspen institute was ron claim. Anthony vouch so tell people who ron cleaness. Because he he's not getting as much coverage as he should run. Claims should be. There should be a spotlight on claim that would make the sun blush. He's the chief. Run by a to the white house staff for joe biden. He's been la-. Joe biden a long time in the interesting thing is ron claim was very briefly. The ebola czar back when ebola during the obama administration he came in on the back side of that. I don't think he was hitting are for over in thirty to sixty days. He really had nothing to do with the bulk. Even there's some video out there where he kinda makes them offhand comments about how he didn't really have in to do yet in these e mails released and i sent one of your producer ron clean is is said to have anxiously or he wants to be in this meeting coming up. So why would president biden's chief of staff wanna be in a meeting in february of twenty twenty now vice president of art president. He was citizen by and yet you have email in front of me. You can see. Ron claims holding his schedule. He's just a very important guy. This is a guy that has been in politics. His entire life in the in the bubble inside the beltway and he wants to be at this meet. I'm looking at this email right now. So just so everyone understands. The aspen institute is the think tank for the ruling class the aspects of. Yeah it's not your normal type of think tank. it is it is. I've actually been there and you feel like you're going into a museum. It's very lavishly built. It's right near the aspen pines right near red mountain if anyone knows aspen geography extraordinarily expensive real estate anywhere. That's just a side note and it kinda plays into this whole idea that they're the most powerful people in the world were cooking something up. So what was the date of this. This was february third. And so so. Yeah twenty twenty. What are we getting at here. That ron claim knew this was going to be a big deal before that. The current chief of staff joe biden was working without you. What what what did we get net here. Well what i'm getting at is ron claim. That's the only time. I really see him mentioned in these emails now charlie this morning i downloaded all the emails into a ca- later that i was searching by name so when you look up and claim that's the only time i could really find. His full name appear however. If you look up run you get about two thousand. Three hundred and thirty seven runs whether in chiron iran and a message. But i went through him this morning. And you see right after this. You see where they're calling closely after calling teleconference and they have a lot of the people's emails for that teleconference blocked out but they also leave in the body of that how important it is for ron's notes now. I don't know another run. And why or his notes blocked out a full page and a half of his notes are blocked out during this time cured. This teleconference was between. I believe dr she an interesting enough. I looked up several the people that they showed. The names on this teleconference. And i and i believe this teleconference was into february early. March and charley. Right after this teleconference the several people that were in that email start to publish articles on the origins of the corona virus. And how there was no question that it came from a wet market or came from an animal that it did not come from human to human transmission and they knew at that time it was completely incorrect. In fact there's one email that. I just found fascinating where i believe anthony. Fauci was emailing his chief of staff or vice versa. And they were talking about the head of the world health organization and weather or not and you can look at the specific wording. They said they were in conclave. There in secret meetings pedros was and they wanted to know he was actually going to be deceptive and lie or not and so they needed to know how to prepare for that. That's one of those emails. So this is you know. This is during february early march. Where everybody's tiny. I would say for simplicity's sake everyone's trying to get their stories straight. They're gonna lay out a narrow all right so keep you have an email that you've unearth from this. These foia request that is directly from peter dasent. Why don't you tell Our audience who peter data as we've talked about him on this show. Actually when charlie was on and i was guest hosting ice. i specifically talked about peter desk. He's looped into way too much of this. He was actually the only american representative on the initial Further initial who investigation on the origins covid virus and he was out there very publicly saying this was a conspiracy theory but he was directly getting money from the a niaid and others right so he had a conflict of interest and then he shows up in a big way in these emails. Explain what you're what you're about to show us. Peter gas sick. The best is a very interesting person. He really didn't even come on. the scene. heard anyone get to america.

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