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So's Rich Ackerman. Alright, seven games going on Right now. Our first stop is Atlanta, where the Panthers are on the board of the Falcon is still in front and with the ball Here's Jeff Sell Well rich right now. The Falcons are upon the Panthers 7 to 3 as we headed to the second quarter. Carolina goes on a 14 play 53 yard drives. It took seven minutes and 22 seconds. They have to settle for 38 Yard. Joyce might still go. Carolina on their two possessions have gotten into Falcon territory both times once of Elena 48 once 21, but they just have three points to show for it to Bridgewater, eight of 12 79 yards, including Four catches by Curtis Samuel for 37 yards, not for the Falcons attack. McKinley is questionable with the growing injury. Todd Gurley four catches 54 runs 58 yards. Including a fantastic 35 yard run for a touchdown that Ryan five of 7 34 yards with no receiver having more than one catch once again, Duncan 73 over the Panthers as we start the second quarter. All right. Thank you very much. Jeff Zel in Atlanta right now, where the Falcon's looking for their first win of the season, have a four point lead. Let's go to Chris Russell in land over the good start by the Reds, but by the Washington football team just negated by another big play by the Rams. You have put a nickel in the jar AC on the the old name reference. That's okay, though. Yeah, the back and forth we go hear the Washington football team had taken a 7 to 6 lead on a Kyle Allen touchdown run that was upheld after I should say that was reversed after a challenge by Ron Rivera giving Washington a temporary 76 lead. But now it's 13 7 Ramses charity golf. Off to a great star Richie's nine of nine for about 28, now a touchdown pass a 56 the order off a play action in stride to Robert Woods, who had beaten Kendall Fuller and Landon Collins, who's had a really rough year. So far for the Washington football team in every sort of way a foreplay 75 yard job. 1 42 on the clock, So Bing Bang Boom we go, 13 7 the extra point, actually good. Four Los Angeles from Samuel Woman he had missed his first opportunity. So again 13 7 with 14 52 left to go here early on in the second quarter in now, rainy land over alright, but that rain hasn't seemed to affect Jared Coffin all he is off to a strong start The Ravens defense just with a pick and and lead, Let's get more from Craig Heist in Baltimore. Yeah. Marcus Peters just came up with a pic of jail Burrow given the ribbons. The Bob uh, first intended to 31 yard line of the Bangles, but the Ravens scored on their previous possession as well. Back, and this was a long drive. 15 plays 62 yards took 7 19 off the clock, and it was Lamar Jackson to Mark Andrews for the five yard touchdown pass. And Andrews. Not just caught the touchdown pass, but also had two big plays for first downs, 16 Yard reception and a 14 yard reception on the drive. So right now Second quarter just about ready to start coming at the end of the first quarter 11 seconds to go as we've got a penalty on the field, so right now it's a 10. Nothing lead for the Ravens coming on the end of the first quarter. Craig the Ravens do have the nice lead right now. But Miles Lamar Jackson Rather did miss some practice time this week with a knee injury as well as a stomach illness. Has he looked in sync so far? No, not really hit Hollywood Brown for a couple of receptions. Mac. But other than that, there were some place to the near sideline here wearing under through and overthrew some receivers but still managed in the end zone and really at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. Absolutely okay. Craig Heist in Baltimore with the Ravens have a tent. Nothing lead a big play for the Eagles. Just now in Pittsburgh. Let's check in with Jeff Hathorn Eagles have not had a first down. It was third and long, and they just handed off the miles standard. And the Pittsburgh native went 74 yards for a touchdown as Eagles tied up this game, the great blocking down field by the Eagles receivers Mile standards with the big play. After the Steelers went 14 plays, 62 yards and seven minutes Chase. Claypool scored on a two yard touchdown run. It's dealer's seven Eagles 77 seconds left in the first quarter here in Pittsburgh, Jeff We talked earlier about the fact that with the Eagles offensive line suffering as many injuries as they did, this could be a tough day for Carson Wentz, and it just looked like he took a big hit. What's the protection like so far for once have once been having to move around in the pocket. He hasn't had a ton of plays and they hadn't got anything going to mention offensively, but Maybe that'll loosen it up and once could find receivers downfield again without dish on Jackson and Alshon Jeffery today, alright Jeff Hawthorne in Pittsburgh, where they are all tied up Mile Sanders with the big play just a couple of moments ago. So right now that game is tied the own for Texas have a lead. Let's check in with Adam Spillane in Houston. And enrich the Jags are nearing the red done on their third drive of the game. They just picked up a third one as gardener. Menchu found Tyler Eifert for 13 yards, but the Jags are going to be pushed back here on a false start on first counsel will have it first in 15 at the Texans 29 guard by Texans Leave this Game three. Nothing tiny fair bearing connected on a 36 yard field goal. The Texans with a long drive..

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