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So he actually tricky and he's trying to trigger you. He was trying to see how hell offended you would be if you found that and so you didn't pass the test. Yeah. Also, he's probably just keeping up with like, so he likes a couple of girls, his ex's and whatnot. The common denominator is girls that he has at one time dated or is currently dating. He's probably just trying to see what you like and dislike, so they can get you a really awesome birthday present. Oh, that's a great point. Also, he sounds like a good guy. So every time he breaks up with girly probably tells them, I just really want you to be happy, and I just care so much about your happiness. He's just checking in on making their living your best life. He just being a good guy. He's being supportive some times three. So so I do girls have different styles slash shaped slash types of nipples, what's up with. Okay. PFC let me start with this because actually that's not just girls that's guys as well. If you've ever noticed this show is actually a perfect America's the melting pot where yeah, we are actually the melting pot for nipples PF has four Hank has little tiny pieces and I have a cross between a pepperoni slice and a Hershey kiss. So we have dark nip. Yeah, aggressively nibble. So it's actually a fun fact that all nipples, it's like a snowflake. No nipple is made exactly like another nipple. All set me. I have. I have the nipples of like a woman, like an Indian woman who has like thirty six triple es, and I've got the nipples of golden lab so wasn't. We're all made differently, but that's kind of how we're all the same. Yes, exactly. So it's a fun thing. Also. They have different shape and size and colored nipples because babies like different shapes and objects, babies of ADD. So they need to see different nipple every now and again to figure out what you like is a baby. Hey, guys, especially big cat Winky face. Oh, I hooked up with the NFL QB right before training camp and that that wasn't a shoe in to make the team. I didn't tell anyone, but now that he's doing super well in preseason and will probably make the team is a cool to tell people also, sorry, PF t. but it's not your boy broken. Okay. Excuse me. MRs. Robak. Greta. Oh yes, Kelly, we've probably received one hundred of identical messages being like, hey, I hooked up with swag, Kelly. I, I mean, good. That's I guess you'd get a lot. Do you like the guy? Well, she's asking is a cool to tell people nowadays killing. Yeah. Well, you just did. Yes. Hill, but she's telling people like we don't know who the quarterback is like, she wants to tell her, no, it's hooked up with fill in the blank, swag, Kelly. And the answer is we don't know, doesn't care. The answer is go ahead. Tell everyone but just know you got swag on you and it's not like you're not really bragging because you just got swept up in the swag. It could happen to anyone. If you put out the bat signal for all women in the Denver area that have hooked up with swag Kelly in the.

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