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We've been doing this every wednesday. Your expertise is the minor leagues. Obviously you follow the cardinals. Your website is just magnificent on all levels of cardinals minor league systems but I gotta tell you not that. We are pulling at strings. Okay straws here to try to figure out what to talk about but It makes it a lot easier when there's games going on and we finally had minor league baseball yesterday. It was nice to see baseball back on the field at minor league stadiums. Yeah exciting. I mean really. This is the first time since september. Twenty nineteen that fans go off minor league baseball or even you know. Turn on their device and watch dot. Tv so yeah. It's a wonderful time and as we've talked about ad infinitum this year so important for these young players to make up for the lost time of twenty twenty. How about some of the guys in the cardinals system that Played well yesterday. What what took place. I well memphis. I had their home. Opener against the durham bulls and tommy. Parsons got the start up. He's a young man who pitched very well in spring training. You know undrafted a free agent. But he struggled in his outing. Arsons was probably starting in in your johan. Oviedo is ticketed for that till he was needed in. Saint louis But max morality infielder who looked good in spring training. But just you know lost in the roster spot crunch Had a perfect night with double walk. Three runs scored. Rbi so it was an ice off but the birds fell about its springfield w springfield was at home. They played the wichita win. Surge which is a new team Cincinnati affiliate and mingle domingo's rollerblades. Blaise sousa left-hander. That we don't know too much about because he was acquired from pittsburgh during your season for international money The left handwriting five scoreless innings but unfortunately the springfield offerings was unable to on the board and they sell two zero and one of the top prospects The cardinals have had at The one of the lowest levels that they have but a high prospect high draft choice made his presence felt. Yeah that's right palm beach at the level. They had a walk off. Victory on a two run error They played daytona at roger dean stadium. And this was one of those weird games where You know. Roger dean as we talk about an earlier telecasts roger. Dean is not open to fans on tuesday wednesday and sunday so this game was actually played in front of no audience but The t to your point. The cardinals first rounder in twenty twenty third baseman. Jim jordan walker hit his first home run a solo home run in his first professional at bat in the big roger dean stadium so that would have been nice to see..

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