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Roads that we have that affected in some way shape or form almost every parish in our state and so we know at home we were affected here particularly hard on the north shore so how how how of those events those natural disasters affected families that are living either as you said right there at the middle class and able to get by now have fallen in or those who were in allison perhaps now our into poverty societies our friends up in chains hawk paris's example because the twenty sixteen august floods just decimated ten thousand households so forty six percent of the families eleven towns ball perished live below the alice threshold and so when ten thousand homes are affected that suggests that a number of those households or alice families and so when we talk about allison what can affect alice many folks are just one harsh storm away from falling into poverty and so we've seen it firsthand folks that were just barely getting by meeting their basic needs but barely get thrown into a tailspin has caused by natural disaster that they couldn't control they didn't have a savings didn't have the wherewithal to be able to recover owner own and so you're not way in our community partners have been trying to help but it suggests that as long as we have folks that are struggling day to day in they're exposed to natural disasters there were always going to have folks going to spiral into this poverty or alice demographic.

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