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First Oscar for playing a young Vito Corleone in The Godfather to Deborah Rodriguez. CBS News Try to avoid the toll plaza on the way to work. Let's check the roadways right now. 7 33. It's the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Laurie, what's going on? Well, first off, Jeff. I have my eyes on the Tobin Bridge right now, and it is completely jammed up there from Chelsea all the way to the lever connector, it said. That dedicated bus lane. You know what? The buses right? And you know if you're not a bus, and you know if you're in that lane you're not supposed to be. But anyway, judging here's the thing we have a lot of stuff going on out there this morning. First off the name's berry Still dealing with the crash. 4 95, right by 1 50. This is on the northbound side. It's in the median strip, so you keep it way over to the right hand side there. Continues to be jammed on the mass pike eastbound at 4 95 in Hopkinton. Because of that tractor trailer that went off the roadway. They're still dealing with problems as well on 95 North bound Still just that one right traveling getting by The tractor trailer crashed. There It is right by Coney Street, 95 north on at Coney Street and Well pull traffic is back to 4 95. All right, let's check out the situation on route 24. Now with Krista Neck in the WBZ NewsRadio Road report. Sorry. This is a vehicle that flipped over on 24 south on about a mile before 1 39 in Stoughton. It's back up on its wheels, but it is definitely not leaving under its own power. This would be going on a record. The fire Department's been here with this left lanes taken. Stay to the right. You're at a standstill back to 93. Curiosity is a big issue for the new downside. Everybody's looking over at the scene and you're jammed back into Brockton, Kristen AC in the WBZ NewsRadio rotor part Traffic is very heavy and slow East van en Route nine between 4 95 and Okay Hill Road getting through Westboro there. The Tobin like I said, is completely jammed. Deliver connector is full, and things continue to be heavy inside the Sumner Tunnel because we had earlier crash we had there. Lori granted WBC's traffic on the three. Well, it seems like we have broken the string. The heat wave is over doesn't seem it's actually happening right now. Much drier air cooler temperatures. It is 70 degrees, so.

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