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Tells firefighters how the fire will grow LA fire chief routes to rises we have a projection where the fires going at the same time LA firefighters are now using a unique system on planes called virus that allows him to immediately begin mapping the perimeter of the fire instead of waiting a day or two for that data Alex down ABC news Los Angeles Facebook is greed turn over thousands of documents to California Attorney General hobby or but Serra in the state's investigation into how the company handles its user information KFBK is Mike blunt with that story the social media giant will release some of those documents on Tuesday next week with more to follow in December and January according to San Francisco Superior Court filings the agreement comes after Facebook agreed to pay five billion dollars in fines to the Federal Trade Commission in July after its investigation into the company's privacy practices Facebook is also facing anti trust concerns from attorneys generals in several states involving the company's business practices Mike blind to news ninety three point one KFBK well that's a typical thanksgiving dinner will cost about a penny more this year that's the word from the American farm bureau it says that it's higher dairy prices will also at the falling cost of Turkey the group's thirty fourth annual survey of foods traditionally served at thanksgiving and I think this is a bargain yeah adds up to just under forty nine dollars to feed a family of ten yeah we're going to get dinner for four dollars ninety seven not I don't I don't even on are the are you doing the math right no I think they are because it is the in Turkey is fairly recent these are all things you know it depends are different none of these level high dollar items way less you get like a free range special well there's yeah our expose that's possible yeah but the in the list of a dozen items includes Turkey stuffing sweet potatoes cranberry pumpkin pie with whipped cream coffee in milk and like I said there are actually like you said just under forty nine dollars for a family tent farm bureau notes Turkey prices are at their lowest level in nearly a decade no doubt helping the economical nature of that menu Lana is still here and she chimed in they they did they neglected to include the champagne which would add up that would Jack the price up a little bit especially if you're going for the good stuff Lana six thirty five let's get you caught up on all this hour's top national stories dom Perignon on news ninety three point one KFBK former.

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