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Top story this week and we'll it's all been happening in the worlds of extrajudicial slayings by the Saudi government's. It's been it's ridic- week for that. No, no, probably the first time, so fought touch with this recording has not yet been interrupted by the Saudi secret services, sneak into studios and disappearing, either me or Hauri as it. Hari Hari. Are you still there? Yeah. Just like all rocket cost might be just sold them to jet to get trouble. This is an extraordinary story. Hari actual our listeners know the details. But the the allegations that the Saudi government have just murdered one of their own citizens in the embassy in Turkey and the international community has well not shower them with compliments for this. I think that's that's fair to say. Yeah, yeah. Especially the Turkish government has also frustrated that happened on their turf, and also they've accused the Saudi government or whoever was sent by the Saudi government of cutting kashogi into pieces with the bone saw or as Fox News put making more of him to love. The, I mean, there's a hell of the hell. The spin on this. Well, that's good. It's it's very English of them to if they cut him into pieces if I remember from several weeks. So you told me that is a British tradition. Well, yeah, that's how we Mike things palatable without having any any national culinary skills. The Saudi Arabian reaction has understandably confused to receive this criticism from their international allies. Because when you look at it in Yemenite bombing, school buses and refugee camps, all the classic targets that bring thousands and thousands of civilian casualties. Fifty thousand children stall to death since his result of Saudi action in Yemen over that western allies. Bell even twitching eyebrow in reproach. We in Britain and America. Our, we've turtled off thumbs. We whistled and ninety nine hundred cups. I'm gonna look out the window pretending to be really interested by Paulson cloud to bit look, splurge mashed potato as Saudi Arabia have collaterally damaged thousands and thousands of people to death, even as all friends and business partners have executed numerous political dissidents and conducted a regime moved. I fact gender Paul. We have talked the Saudi billions demurely into undefended lasting an undone couple more buttons for them, but they disappear just one journalist, one weather, thin journey. List's an all of a sudden we're up in arms is not one of that so confused. I think that's a very fair point. And I also think that we're not looking at the positives that came out of this ROY. Okay. It's really hard to look at that, but if you, you know, I deal reading the person who drove the getaway car with the body was a woman who, well, what about that? Nobody nobody talks about that. You don't think that's progress is this is one of the first filly feminist extrajudicial slayings in in global political history? Correct? Yeah. Say Trotsky Ving bumps off, but by lady with an ice pick. Oy at Donald Trump's reactionist being as a wise curious, a sort of say, well, I shouldn't have done it. And then he said, well, maybe they didn't do it. And then he said, even if I did do it is gonna make much difference because there were a of money to America and it's, I think you have to admire trum for this because there is no world leader that is as prepared to where the fool's gold lawmaker schlitz panties, economic prostitution, quotas brazenly as Donald Trump. I mean, yes, it is wrong to kill, hack up and vanish journalist, but it's not wrong enough to lose sleep over. Sorry, lose jobs over lose jobs, all all sleep over. I guess, in in Trump's moral universe, that's really all the counts. I mean, it's obviously there's a lot of conflict of interests from both the Saudi government and the US government in terms of their investigations, the US end there an administration that hates critical journalists that's investigating another administration who. Who hates critical journalists and also the Saudi government's, you know, investigations clearly going to be a little compromise since they're claiming they're making a concerted effort to prove they killed this man. Cure what I mean, like we are going to prove whether or not we did it. So that's Specht. And Finally, I also questioned Trump because it's Trump and he, he made a claim because he makes claims and he makes lots of claims..

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