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Monday with highs in the lower eighties from the pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv meteorologist dave nussbaum dan armstrong international airport in kenner we had a thunderstorm seventy three three wins out of the south seven miles an hour in slidell cloudy seventy six japan's wwl i use from the wwl traffic center patty burnham and delays on the west bank or before terry parkway coming to the east bank on the crescent city connection the lake bound expressway stop and go until after you get past the superdome if you continue westbound toward battery in kenner there's no other delays until typical afternoon delays between causeway in clear view if you come in from the east from slidell no problem on the twin span or at the high rise but secondary delays back to saint bernard approaching that claiborne avenue and river bound expressway fly over in the river bound expressway delays or all the way back to military road 'cause we have a breakdown river bound on chopper tulips that's got the right lane blocked if you come in from the west the spillway looks good but we've got some heavy delays when you step off in kenner they don't open up until after power and then you get pretty smooth flow traffic until right around memory road where you can encounter the delay because of the breakdown on the river bound if you're eastbound delays at the high rise or read round is six ten on six ten delays you're back to elision fields once you get over the high rise everything's good accident on the dancing bridge the downslope eastbound has got the.

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