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Boards you registered to win a really big price nothing to it stop on down and try it don't forget about the summer fest bigshot contests presented by gruber law offices every day at three forty five at the gruber law offices sports zone just just to the north of where i'm sitting the first ten people to register we'll have a chance at a half court shot first person to make it receives a summer fest prize pack including two front row wristbands for the you line headliner that night a seventy five dollars summer fest gift card and gruber swag bag like i say all sorts of stuff is going on but the real attraction right here is the lakefront it is all the great food it is the tremendous weather ended is of course the music that the big event today is the outlaw music festival that actually starts around one o'clock but runs until midnight willie nelson and family or the headliners filled lesch and friends the abbott brothers counting crows all sorts of other great stuff as well this is the place to be the second day of summer fest twenty nineteen so yesterday i went to the baseball game let let us be honest right now our milwaukee brewers are a hot mess that doesn't mean that they're always going to be a hot mess we're always hoping that they can turn it around but right now they are not playing very good baseball but you know two different things first of all win were lose i was reminded yesterday of what a fun experience it is if you follow me on twitter it's at jeff wagner six twenty i was there last night with my lovely wife and with my stepson and two of our grandkids and we just had a great time and if you want to see a picture of smiling and happy sitting in that big baseball mitt we did interestingly enough this is a fun story the lady who ended up taking our picture she was part of a group the person one that fifty fifty raffle some lady one nine thousand dollars and they were lined up to take the picture at the mit so they took our picture and then we took there so i'm thinking well if i couldn't win you seem like a really nice lady but we had an absolutely great time there the other thing and this is one of the reasons why we lose grow i love going to sporting events 'cause you never know what you're going to see i don't think in all the years i've been going to professional baseball games that i ever saw an inside the park home run that is in person i mean i'm seeing on the t._v. and stuff like that but last night ben gamel hit an inside the park home run and i'm telling you it was just incredibly exciting because what happened was it was this was this ball that hit down the left field line he's left handed batter the leftfielder was racing forty tries to make a diving catch and you're watching this all the guy misses it and the ball just rolls all the way to the wall and gambled his throws it into the second or third year and you could tell the minute he's hit second base he was going to try to score it was one of the most exciting place in a regular baseball game that i had seen in a long time and it reminded me it's one of the cool reasons why you love to listen to the games teams winning or losing or watch the games or go out to the games because you never know what you are going to see all right i mentioned a couple of minutes ago this is one of those days where it's thrilled as i am who got brewers baseball and is thrilled as i am in about twenty minutes i get to sign off and get to wonder around summer fest and enjoy it this is one of those days where there's a three hour show there's about five hours of great material so i really kind of have to pick and choose and i want to encourage you to tune in at twelve noon tomorrow we'll have a full show got a lot of the stuff that i talk about already lined up the big story today at least in my opinion comes out of the united states supreme court for the last several years you have heard the term partisan gerrymandering and there's a number of liberal organizations and democrats who have been suing the state legislature there's been all this litigation alleging that when the electoral districts were redrawn after the last census that the republicans unconstitutionally stacked the deck today the supreme court said nope you cannot sue on this basis let me take a quick break when we come back i'm going to explain gerrymandering to you and i'm going to explain at least my opinion why the u._s. supreme court got this exactly right but this pretty much ends all this litigation that's been going on and wisconsin there was a trial scheduled in july it ends litigation that was going on in maryland and north carolina in illinois tell you Oh, you what it means and why it's right in just a moment. It's twelve fourteen suggest Wagner or Jeff Wagner, right after this. does everyone know about the number five there five basketball position we have five fingers and five toes will sure there are five great lakes guys these are all great but i'm thinking of fifth inning is the best do you know why tune into today's brewers game for your chance to win a four pack of adult e._a. air venture twenty nine thousand nine passes.

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