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Now or? Some kind of luxury few state. I. Thank paper Bag. On came in, he said ring the Bell Ring The bell and I said nothing about pleasing grocery carts. Bizarre time been hard time for all the pickers because you come on down with the nation blinds and they're wondering when the violence are gonNA come. Notifications. Statement got a mask from Oklahoma. You're getting a little too southern I stand. Grand. On this one. Did. You. Did you hear we gotta get to the challenge but? I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Say This we have. We been talking for fifty minutes. Could Lord, all right starts show? What are we started eight minutes late but the the here's the thing. So, fucking wild. I should probably save it for the after show but. But this you know like a lot of. Like a lot of Americans you know a lot of Americans are reckoning. With a lot of historical things like what things are named the reckoning with statues and you know on the one end. There's a lot of overdue like Oh. Hey Could Virginia military institute not be actively racist and harassing by people because that a thing we could work on and the other end you've got what people variously called cancel culture whatever. Well San Francisco is one of the city's it's going through that we have. Let's go straight off the Dome I mean we were settled as a mission town basically. So there's there's a lot of bad shit that's gone down in the past long story short trying to be really clear for context here that these in Francisco Public School System, all the schools are closed and every everybody's doing remote learning. They're trying to get to a point where they can send back the elementary kids virtually super clear this school year with the exception of going to pick up your chromebook at a distance line there's been no in person anything on the school year. So there has been an advisory board, a blue ribbon panel if you like. Put together to go through in this case, the the names of schools in San Francisco. and to identify potentially problematic. Names that that might need to be changed. So. It was announced I believe late last week. That they were proposing that one third of the schools in San Francisco do some brainstorming and come up with a different name that that's the thing they need to be working on. One schools are not open the schools that the kids can't go to one third of them. Now need to the recommendation as they need to step up and come up with a better name at different name than the one that the school has. I. Okay that took me Oh. Wow what. I. Can you give me an example of? GonNa, give you boy am I ever going to give you an example? Like so much incredibly stupid shit in San Francisco. This comes from a good place right there. They're like any of us, trying to trying to be good and grow and like fast break things well I. Think for a long time it's been a town run by very smart progressive. Adult children who don't have children. There's all kinds of shit. The people do in this town that like it's such a good idea in the abstract there's so many ideas that there's such a neat idea if you were like a fourteen year old kid at girls state like, Oh, boy, that's a really interesting idea. Oh, you know. But then you know in the way it is implemented it's not great. Okay. So are mere has really cool is very mad about this and very frustrated that this where they're putting their attention right now, a third of San Francisco public schools could see their names changed as officials push to replace quote inappropriate ones honoring presidents, writers, generals, and even. Senator. Dianne Feinstein. Okay. So just so we're clear here we're talking about we're talking about Lincoln Lull Presidio Paul. Revere. Dianne Feinstein. Thomas Jefferson Francis Scott. Key incompetent former mayor Paul. Revere as in the British are coming the British coming Paul. Revere, as as as in him and why Abraham. Lincoln it seemed like he was a good slave man no because he did bad things to native American. So here's the criteria anyone directed. Anyone directly involved in the colonization of people real talk that's going to be a lot of people including certainly the people who started the missions, slave owners or participants in enslavement. Oh, excuse me not not me my family only gentrified. I mean putting perpetrators of genocide or slavery those who exploit workers slash people. Okay, good. I'm glad I'm included. Okay. Those who directly oppressed or abused women, Children Queer or transgender people. Now, in modern times, I think that's going to clear a lot of the chessboard those who are known racists supremacists. Or spouse racist beliefs. So some of these, you know I'm not gonNA weep over unit Bro Sarah like not not my favorites Spaniard or whatever. So it's just a big list of schools is is so is it like? I I mean I guess I M as confused about this as I bet a lot of parents and people in San Francisco our because is it feels a lot of the. Things I feel like again, I'm not against the idea of. Certainly. There's. An element of taste or a matter of degree, but it's it's just so many at once. Let me just name a few fuck really now this is what we're doing. Okay. It seems the teachers in superintendent the principals they got a lot of shit on their plate right now to even keep schools not open. Okay. So all right fine. The let's even as soon as resources for that but really now. Really, we're going to a third, a third of the schools are doing that, and in some similar word, some of a third of the third of the School of the hundred and twenty-five schools forty. Four parents principles at forty four sites were forced to scramble this week to brainstorm new school names while also juggling the demands of distance learning and a pandemic. So the people who are brainstorming these names I'm sure that it's a very diverse group of people they've brought in who are familiar with the situation at hand dry. Administrators at the school, right? Well, right. So. I'm sure they brought in some they brought in some some. Some learned people but like Okay Lake what we ultimately saying here what we're saying is that the There was a time when this person was valorize and honored, and because they revalorising honor, they named the school after them our values as Americans have changed and we want to reassess. The extent to which those values or something we want to. Continue to reward by publicizing that person and valorising them I. think that's a straight up legit thing to to do for all kinds of things But but yeah, the timing the timing is not great and also like I think about the like the Mississippi flag where I think it was Mississippi where they said okay. Look WE'RE GONNA get different flag, but I were just not GonNa do this flag until we have don't have you know until we have a better.

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