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That of stuff and he's not afraid just let out, his emotions so a little bit of a chase utley type that old school gross Even though he's only one even twenty five years. Old and they I think the people in LA will eat them up Yeah you're not, going to see him in Hollywood and not gonna stop Guy Saying I'm sure, he's you, know just gimme a short term. Rental 'cause next, year I'm sure he's really wow Yeah you know he grew up a Yankee fan he wanted to. Play if the Yankees want training Yankees the Yankees are giving a leisure tax for a reason for many Machado, so let me think about. The dodgers don't really have room for him in college figures coming back at short, your Justin Turner, at third, so it's not really the dodgers. MO throughout two, or three million dollar contracts I'm from Milwaukee Bob and that's. A city that has an interesting history in terms of, of race and segregation and I think about that in the context of. Jazz later in the situation there how will he navigate that and you know can't he navigate that in order, to sort of mend this. Wound and get back to the good graces of his teammates in this franchise Do the right thing he you know, met with Senator Jimmy trending? Guy today Billy, being from MLB doctors teammates at least publicly teammates today we support you we don't believe you losing those things can happen seven years ago Seventeen years. Old, but that being said you know it's like you can say. He was a child and did him insure things but it wasn't five years old he, was seventeen you know. Things, people do, all kinds of different things well things, or even sure we don't do that kind of stuff so I think it. Will haunt him a lot more on the road in in Milwaukee And they go to. Cisco here week and you know remember, what he said about everything else he's lucky he's, lucky they move those bullpens in the stands at Wrigley field you'd have? A living nightmare Bob Nightingale great stuff in USA today with Freddie Komen. In my Metcalf in, ESPN radio, you make a great point in terms of it's one thing to be immature, but he didn't put these tweets. Out there when, he was, five. Years of age he was seventeen years. Of, age that being said how do you think the Milwaukee Brewers. Have been able to handle this because this is a big distraction that nobody saw coming No some of them say, that he would be the last in the clubhouse, as they thought they would tweet something like that Brett villages his roommate? For four years says you never heard anything like that Phillips said you, know he's, a different places like we don't know what he was naked. Seventeen so maybe you know maybe the guy grew up thinking, that way once you got into baseball with the, diversity and everything else you, know maybe he it opens is in, Soviet that who, knows Google this guy's name thirty years from. Now you're going to, see you know what he said and he can say, all he wants that well he was reciting lines or separate lyrics but, you know you. Don't. Go as far as he did I think you'll be I think it'd be accepted in the year in Milwaukee but I. Don't believe. Is going to be that way, in baseball subsidies maybe not forever Bob I have..

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