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Brownlow recalled a certain smugness amongst British people when they were confronted with the pulse ability of the United Kingdom succumbing to fascism, it could never happen here. They tell him, we would let it we would have fought them in the streets with broomsticks quoting church. Oh, we would never surrender, but there was no arguing. This problem with collaboration would have been primary. It was a period people said, who who lived through Kapatid's they was extremely boring. And even if you were selling newspapers on the street corner, you were collaborating because you oversee selling the newspapers, the authorities wanted you to sell, so you could write volumes on the subject and it is absolutely fascinated. We decided. The heroin is going to be someone who had was able and just wanted to get back to normal. And that I think is in most people felt when one's entire reality has been thoroughly rewritten, there's bound to be some confusion over what qualifies as the normal full. The film's central character Pauline, a district nurse, the pursuit of a quiet life takes to the safe anonymity of London. After witnessing a string of horrific deaths determined to keep herself out of trouble. She takes a nursing job and Steve's well clear of politics politely declining, any notion of joining these so-called resistance. But when the stakes vis high, what constitutes complicity east, anyone truly a political because it's so long, people have actually forgotten. Fascism stood for what knots is stood for. In fact, when we may. Making the film, we felt even then we'd never been told what we fighting against and the none of films told you, they just field not as being thoroughly unpleasant frothing at the mouth and screaming against the Jews. So they didn't tell you the politics, and we tried to put that into the picture and that got us into an awful trouble. In fact, United Artists refused to release it without Cussing that sequence out the scene in which the fascist we felt they condemn themselves out of their own. MAs is ideal, but that wasn't shown publicly. If you just more turned who contracted some disease Clifton paralyzed as well. He might would. He then be just waste too should because we do. No, no, no member as the is in the position of privilege of to protect a used as a person is used as because he's used as not because he happens to be related to somebody useful the existence of such. I would want to take into my own hands anyway, Kevin eight seems as the while Pauline starts off as staunchly apolitical. She soon discovers that in what becomes her new reality, everyone takes a stake in something. Everyone has a stake in something and so everyone has to stand for something. I think that's probably true everyone. But look, you would just twenty six when this film was released. You now eighty two. You think people today feel as though they too have a stake in modern politics concept. I do know from anything else, an awful lot to avoid polish. Tics because it's it's getting more and more unpleasant. And so you have a political, huge number a-political people, and it's more number of extremists who will eventually make them worry about politics, but that's what seems to be the moment. Those missing scenes unpicking the ideology behind fascism have since being restored and are included in the British film institute's recent release of the film mauve and fifty years after it premiered the film's implication that fascism and other oppressive political regimes can. In fact, rise anywhere may not in itself seem as controversial an idea as it did in the mid nineteen sixties. It's moral probing, the what we all do in such a situation, however, remains Ereli prescient for monocle. I am Ben Ryland and the beer foes restored version of eat happened here, results now on DVD and Blu Ray. You're listening to the list. Now time for a roundup of the stories, making news in the technology world. I'm pleased to say that I'm joining the studio by Monaco's tech among David field and welcome to the program. Let's start with with news from something. Some things, large screen phone note, seven didn't exactly go according to the plan as many flyers. No, like they were even warnings planes. Yes, that's just carrying them and seven was was a fantastic phone apart from one little downside that it caught fire executive buttery. In fact, the very day that the first one caught fire, I happen to be an e further Berlin trade show, which will come to baps in a moment..

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