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School board gone through with the plan to replace the mascots Killingly school board voted last summer to replace red men on the recommendation of a tribe indigenous to the area the student body then chose a new name they want to be called the red hawks Byerly January the board had new members on it in those new members wanted Redmen restored they reversed the decision motion passes five four nor fair and represents one of the yes votes he was so frustrated over the previous decision to get rid of the mascot that he ran for a school board seat last fall I felt like the whole thing was rushed in a lot of been misinformation was put out in a lot of emotional knee jerk reactions were looked at instead of basically looking at the facts he believes the mascot honors native Americans but a local tribe called the Nipmuc nation has told the board that any logo or nickname intended to depict native Americans is offensive even if the school or team six the honor indigenous people that statement from the net mock nation is what prompted the mascot change in the first place the move was consistent with how schools were acting across the country high schools like Menomonee falls in Wisconsin in Teton in Idaho who shed native mascot names Barbie Gardner graduated from killing we high almost thirty years ago she's been outspoken about the need to ditch the mascot she's a member of the Japonic gun the MMOG band of net monk Indians you can't honor someone who just doesn't feel honored by that naming a team a skin color in two thousand and twenty is just ridiculous really.

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