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Two thousands. But basically three things have to occur. It has to there has to be to shoot injury with bleeding that has to be hypothermia or decreased core body temperature. And there has to be Esa Denia of the blood or decrease ph blood now that's common shock. Jesus was crucified on a day. That was cold. You know, Peter was warming himself by the fire. He lost his inhibition to stand by guards and won't himself a fire. This is really into -tective works here sleep. This is amazing. What you're saying? Because certainly never occurred to me that it was cold. What a what a concept that? Yes. Of course, Peter is warming himself by a fire. Why you must be pretty cold as you just implied to go into this danger zone where people might recognize you. But you're so called you don't. Care. I never have thought of that where you know him in the girl said, you're one of his disciples started cursing Miller, not but I'm called. I wanna stand by the fire. That's that's just I've just never heard with with with regard to the crucifixion of Jesus the idea that it was that it was cold. Well. The cold contributes to the development of potential development of tremendous quite heal up. Now that they say occurs about twenty percent of trauma cases present emergency department, and it's very difficult to control trauma physicians will try to stop bleeding. They'll replace blood products. They'll try to monitor the chemistry warm, the body all these things even that the risk of death is is it's a bad player. It's an ominous thing to present to emergency room, and you can imagine two thousand years ago, there wasn't a treatment. And so what happens is that it creates a positive feedback loop or snowball effect where the bloods starts to lose its ability.

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