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In late we were talking with John G. D. just earlier about instagrams decision to test removing likes from the feed now you had not ever really had like counts on visco tell me about the decision to do that yeah you kind of a ahead of your time a little bit if you think about it like that so we're very intentional I think the what one of our biggest inspirations around that wasn't like an actual museum when you walk into a museum you're not seen the net worth of the creator there on the wall you not seen how many people of walk through that museum that day you're definitely not seeing a bunch of like emoji is at the bottom of the piece of work to tell you what to think about it and for this quote was how can you have this personal connection and how does it inspire you to go out and create and so from the beginning we architected our community that way and we really do welcome others to that because it really is a positive step in the right direction for mental health and the impact that social media has on people yeah we'll be interested to see if that translates to some of these bigger platforms as well that was Joe flori the CO visco Joel thank you so much for being here play more global stories ahead this is Bloomberg revisions return policies there are so many ways to redo a decision what are the ramifications if you crumbles or doesn't crumble do they have any other than the court except here we have to get it right the first time we always talk about the losers in a trade.

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