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And Honda dealers or Kentucky and Honda dealers dot com. Exclusive Type RC dealer for financing details. NewsRadio, 8 40 w H A s All right. Welcome back to Cardinal Stadium 51 just under 52 minutes to kick off here. Louisville and UCF UCF on the offensive side of the ball. They have 545 yards rushing at seven touchdowns. Bowser with five of those touchdowns, Dylan Gabriel, the quarterback with a touchdown rushing, He is completed. 48 of 73 passes, two interceptions, 630 yards and six touchdowns. Dylan Gabriel has is in the top 10 in 12 Different statistical categories. It is great during his career at UCF, including Number one all time at UCF and career passing efficiency number one in 400 yard games with four number one in career passing yards per attempt with 8.9 and all time passing yards. He is fifth with 7853 and the guys in front of him. Dante Culpepper, Ryan Schneider, Darren Hinshaw and McKinsey. Milton, who the cards will see next week on the defensive side of the ball. They do welcome. They do have some some transfer guys because you'll hear us talking a lot about tonight. Also Ricky Barber dos high school, former Dallas High school standout Who transferred from Western Kentucky is one of their big guys will start on the defensive side of the ball as well. And Gus Malzahn talking about defense is he's got to stop. Malik Cunningham Cunningham is a guy that Gus Malzahn recruited while he was at Auburn quarterback high schools. Personalities guy that I've always rooted for, you know, and now we've got to play against him and just always impressed. He's such a great competitor. Just wait, handles his teammates. Names, loves him down until always been impressed with do like, so they run the stretch. They do some other things, and they put him on the edge. And he's really good decision maker. Um You know, so it'll be a big test. You know, for our defense, Alright will be a big test and he always pulls form, But I bet he won't be pulling for him tonight again. He recruited him when he was at Auburn. Quick break. We wrapping up here on this segment. We'll get Paul Rodgers in here. Just a couple of minutes was Scott Satterfield as we count down the kickoff 49 a half minutes to kick off here. Louisville and UCF football from Clearfield. The two minute warning. The caution flag the four at PNC Bank. We believe in the power of a helpful watch out. That's why we created low cache mode. The new financial Watch out that gives you multiple options in at least 24 hours of extra time to avoid.

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