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You wanna address and that we promised we won't look like hobos look cool and gives us that chance early out at some point you just gotta do it better off asking for forgiveness than permission sometimes just go into boots earlier in the interview. You alluded to the e sixty now. Could you tell us about any of that type of features that you guys are gonna have they all top secret going to the twelve to sit down with the vendor. Cain talking about the gambling saying that was you know we're not going to be afraid to do those stories for not going to be. You know we're just not going to be a pr and we're not gonna you know regardless if there's a big controversial story or something or indepth thing we're gonna we're gonna sit down we're gonna we're gonna talk about it or have that journalistic size and that's that's an example right there And so those are. The kind of stories won't shy wave math. There's a controversy going to take it on head on. We're not gonna you know we're not gonna we're partnered with the league for sure but we have to tell these stories in a complete transparent way and we will okay. I agree in an address to especially these guys who have like a half mile. Walk to work and picking up a coffee and it's like they got to put this monkey suit on. Just talk fifty put on this sweaty gross equipment. Anyways it makes no sense i to get to one other thing we've seen scott van pelt and sas stanford steve they've been doing the bad beats for awhile. Awesome segue those guys. Do you see more gambling. Talk given that teams now in bed. Casinos essentially and the whole concept of gambling has done a one eighty cents. You know fifteen years ago five years ago. Maybe even i certainly would like the sprinkle in the broadcast. There's over under situation looming late in the game. I it's talk about of absolutely absolutely you know those. Those empty matters are very stressful for people. The a huge john. I mean when they pull the pull them so early now right now. It's three minutes. Patrick was great. He was pulling. He's like five minutes. Left revolutionary no one before him he revolutionized jock lemaire would deal with fourteen seconds left and minnesota. He would not pull that. Only here comes wall with three or four minutes to go and he he revolutionized who changed hockey On the biggest. Coaching changes in the last twenty. Five years old. Patrick he was editors time i wanna say sportsbook haven't adapted to the in game line as far as when the goal is pulled to so they say it's one of the easiest thing to capitalize on far is making money and gambling and sports. Is that empty net while here. Yeah so when. I was in vancouver. I was just walking by a bunch of guys and there were a couple guys outside having a cigarette and they were like. Hey what's up listening to the podcast and they traveled then because this guy was doing this like gambling thing now. Ra might be like this guy's got him hook line and sinker but they said that that they basically had like a couple of them had like went part time on their jobs because they've made so much money in gambling on hockey puck lines like where they had like an algorithm down where they would all be in this like tex chain and they were basically drinking one of the guys cool eight and they were there to see him and he was kind of giving a lecture on it and how to keep capitalizing off it and and i don't know maybe the sportsbook all catch up now given that it's the gambling is kind of being elevated and it's everywhere but who knows ra. Here's your time to shine buddy. If they can't figure it out make up all that money. You've lost you may have to send it for one hundred year deal for that. But we'll we'll take the puck lyotard. You got to be clear because puck. Line is minus one one and a half or plus one and a half and i. I don't advocate betting the plus one and a half all. Because you know sometimes you one hundred ninety one hundred for a guy to be a team to basically lose boots you know you get on a half all if they lose you still win. It's like well if you like them a win then then take him for the money to win it. Just it's i just don't understand that as a gamble eight tweets his own but the klein. Yeah there is two sides to it when we say park by on the show it always means by one and a half because that's where the market is got perserve pressure but we will be more transparent with that suit on sir. I come to one of my. The point shows on calling a game. I'm doing it doing it from bagels opening nights and some there and doing one probably from that studio so we'll try to bring something that nice with what are you gonna be out there While for opening night overnight game but we're going to do the point that the day before the day of the game from the daily ways your studio in vegas and that will happily arena and call the game at night. So and sean mcdonough and ray ferraro have the tampa bay game the first game lightning penguins when they raise the banner. That's our first. Espn game since game. Seven two thousand four cup finals calgary and tampa bay okay but they had our last game anno four towards was the coach and now they have the first game here with torts in studio for us. That's great to sean mcdonagh's gonna garage. Shit he's awesome on play by play now. I think he's going to be great well. You mentioned you're going to be.

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