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Hold of homebuilders. We can give you the number of the home builder's until Lido they could probably give you a referral. Would you like that phone number? Used to work with them. They're good people. It's four one nine. Four seven three. Two five zero seven good people. Thank you. Stay in touch with us. Okay. Mary. He has. Hey, we get back from break. We're gonna talk to Chris chriswell question about oak trees, and let me mention real quick break. If you have an oak tree, if you were any kind of tree that needs trimming, now's the time to do it. The wintertime's a time to do what we've talked about the penalty. Welt? The bugs are not out to the Beatles. Not out there spraying the disease when it's cold outside. So they need to get some tree work done. Now's the time to do it. Hey, we have a lot of contractors that listen to this show all over the area, and if your contractor and you're looking for a new supply, you may want to consider eastern Michigan, distributors roofing siding gutters. If your homeland if need some ice melter, we want you to consider eastern Michigan distributors because the next sponsor of the inside outside guys is eastern Michigan distributors. Eastern Michigan.

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