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Like the Floyd effect, right? It's like, you can only avoid him for so long. Oh no. He's here for everybody. What's the smoke? And if you're Ryan García, Ryan, was like, yeah, we fought 6 times on a BM three, but he's like, you lost the last three, right? It's fair. And it's like, they haven't gotten your face, you got into your face. If you find this tank, he's gonna get in his face too. Yeah. And it's like, y'all gotta say the man's name. You could be very honest and say, if I doesn't make me as much money, but his time will come. Yeah. Say something 'cause now it's starting to look like, yo, he's the champ. They can avoid him for now because the star power is not as high as them, right? So the people clamoring for him and him even clamoring and getting people's face. If they don't post it, it doesn't matter because his audience is middle school compared to theirs. You know the worst part about this is? Let's just say, hypothetically, Tang versus Ryan happens next spring. Yeah, should. The losers done. No, no, no. If the loser gets if the loser gets crushed in terms of, like, maybe they get Adrian bronner's. Right? Because they never thought anybody. And now when you lose, if tank were to get crushed by Ryan García, it's a rap. It's a rat. He could beat so many other people. Hoodie? We don't know. It's not like we know he's not mediocre. He's not average. But what I'm saying is we don't know how great these guys are. But we know they're pretty damn good. If he got smoked by Ryan García, tank is what? 28? Yeah. You can't go out there and just keep giving them soft touches. No, but Devin could drop the belt and then what a one 35. Can he beat a Richard Comey? Yes. Can you beat like he can end up a double champion at one 35? I'm just saying. It becomes complicated because he hasn't fought anybody and then people, it's like it's in pro wrestling. It's the Goldberg effect, right? When Goldberg finally lost, it was like, all right, so now you start picking apart everything he does right now. Your career is predicated on knockouts that also right. So it's like, and if Ryan loses, he was like, he was a guy, but he'll have the social media phone, don't get me wrong. But let's say the same thing about him. Well, he didn't find anybody. And he got smoked. Like the loser that fight is in trouble because the reason why is that fight's not going to a decision. No. Somebody's getting hurt. You can lose. It's what you do after that. You can't lose repeatedly. Like, Adrian broner got washed by my Donna at least. He's never the same. He's all having a press conference. This press conference me and I'm out. He's never the same after that. But you can lose, bounce back and run like 6 fights in a row again and be just fine. But best believe his next four, he gonna be on it again. And he could lose. Here's the difference, right? Ryan García and tank Davis haven't fought anybody. They fight each other and one of them gets nuked. This isn't necessarily about what we think. It's about what they start thinking about themselves. That's key. But you got to understand, like, that is boxing. Everyone isn't it? I think that's, yeah, it's boxing without Floyd. Boxing without Floyd was, yo, we're gonna fight. I could get nuked and then guess what? Nobody else gonna run this. So what's up? And then we're gonna meet again in three years and we're gonna run it back because you know what, you might got me at one 35, but let's see what it's about at one 40. Let's see what it's about at one 47. That was a boxing before Floyd. People lost and you know all the time. We run it back. Yeah, but again, they fought each other, right? And they're so young that we can't just be like, oh, if they were 31, 32, if they were spent in Crawford, different, 'cause having fought Thurman, right? Who's the other big bad at your era? Right. Neither of you guys fall. Y'all didn't fight each other. Technically, y'all fall Sean. But like, y'all ain't fight the other big badging era, arrow front, Danny. I mean, aerofoil, Danny. Sean. No, but who just wasn't thought of a big bad in there. Daddy. I'll give you daddy. And he was like, of their crew, like, yo, these are the best. Of your era. One of them have fought. So it's just like, now we go into the Spence Crawford one, and he'd be like, yo, someone get knocked out here. It's over. Because your resume is not good enough. If you fight young enough, and you'd be like, all right, we're gonna run this back later at one 40 or one 47. You're fine. Marques hasn't packed out for the three different weight classes. Yeah, but they also fought everybody. They did. But if you start young enough, you have that opportunity. My point is these two aren't getting any younger. And Ryan's got a layer. That's 24. Ryan's got a leg up. Tank does it. No, but this is when you have to start and you say, yo, it falls how it falls. Like he has, in some ways, he has to fight somebody next year. He has to. Oh, yeah. Fires to the feet. We're getting to the point where Shakur, Devin, Ryan, boots, Virgil, bam Rodriguez, their accolades have passed yours. Yeah, you're a star, but you got to fight somebody. You have to go fight Regis program. It's amazing fight. But you have to fight somebody. Regis said, I'm not sure if anyone wants to fight me.

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