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And you had when the worst games your career didn't crack three digits so on the pass yardage Joan all three digits, but hey, man, the winter you do the post game interview. Yes, they call them not to there was Russell Wilson power posing as he always just confident as he always is. But his list of prepares fief is is there one for that the situation. I feel like yes. Repaired speeches for every situation ever even that he's ready. He's ready to take credit even if he was just a little bit shakey. But speaking of shaky our first named Kirk cousins your boy after Minnesota crawled it's way to all of seven points. Seven against shut out the Vikings today fired first year office coordinator, John D Filipo. So Bo who felt like the bigger problem to you last night. Was it Mr. cousins or was it the offensive coordinator? First of all, welcome to the NFL people talk about giving a deep Lippo, dude. A head coaching. John got fired from his assistant coaching job. I mean, I don't know skiing wise, whether the what was the problem. I know he wanted to run the ball less. Mike Zimmer the Mike Zimmer wanted to run the ball more. They ran the ball a lot more before. But man, they thought they were a quarterback away. And so they pay twenty seven million dollars a year to get this dude right here, yet guess what they look like they're a quarterback away. They also looked like their offense of line away to be fair to him and diva Lippo, but what was that the ball dead baggage as we know the broadcast gave him credit for presence of mind that is the opposite of presence of body. Got what have you? Thank God, really tabby as Mary catching that. Because if you didn't we would probably be laughing at this even more than we are right now. But you're right. They were running the ball. Second most often in the league last year thirty first underneath Lippo and indefens- of Kirk cousins. He in the first seven games, he looked fine Pila good at times. But but now, it's like what do you do when this is the guy who invested all that money? And because I don't think he is the long term solution to jump off the treadmill of mediocrity that this team has found itself off thing with me and cousins, even if the numbers looked better early. He looks about the same the circumstances changed around him, and in Washington breath was if everything was right around him than things could be right with him is a lot to ask any football team to have everything right around it. But that one has a lot going right ally goal, right? Probably the best pair starting wide receivers. In the league. They've got a decent running game there. Again, the offense of live becomes its own issue. But he is that he. Game changer, and he's being paid like and the stat of the day is that he is four and twenty four against teams with winning records. He's Owen five this year against teams that are winning. And we have this play in the game that he did wanna throw to both here. We have a special teams play it as a field goal. It has Bobby Wagner. Leaping over beeping over zone colleagues there, which is a problem. That's not allowed. You can't yoursel. Right. I agree. You cannot volt yourself. It does it look like he bolted himself. It looks like he put his hands on those. But he'd involved himself spirited law baby spirit. I want to get rid of the letter of the law as well though. I would love it. If you could just like cheerleader thrill guys into the air to block field goals. I want more of what you then do is affected -ly Aratu. Kate the field goal from football. There is the reason that room is there because otherwise there would not be a single field goal that ever through. But I thought he got over disable the tap little doubt la- tech. The trade off between no field goals and acrobatic field. Glint lock. They wouldn't be activated field goal blocks. Try there wouldn't be field goals. Sorry aid to be that guy. Dry solutions oriented, I. Yeah. Man, go next name broad and way last night. Lebron Dwayne Wade played last time the emotions were flow it public. Just how rare is this friendship. It's extreme..

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