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Very excited for today's feature interview now this, somebody that I've been chasing around the speaking circuit for years now. And usually to one of us is opening for the other or the others opening for the other sometimes or both just talking at the same time because we've got flights to catch or whatever, but this is one of those conversations that's been, I've been meaning to have for a long time. I'm speaking about Dr Teresa, Beasley Dr TB's in the house. And it is a treat to have you on the program. She has written a definitive book on vision boarding for executives called vision board, the board by Dr Theresa, Beasley. So Dr Beasley Theresa teepee, welcome to the big show. So wonderful to be here. Thank you, for having me, finally, we're not doing this in an airport law. My good is that how many times have we been in an airport lounge absolutely shit faces it. I don't even remember where we're going. Care. Absolutely. We just get into those conversation. How do I remember one time running into out of buffet and then all of a sudden it was ten o'clock at night? I know I know because the food was gone, and we're gonna hold on a second. Bring back that pork back that, you know, that filet of pork or whatever they had was, what was that, now that was that was an admiral's club. I guess, in JFK, I believe, so do it right there. I mean, I have to say, you know, if you're gonna fly commercial, I'd, I'd certainly do it out of JFK, and on delta. Well, okay. Well, I shouldn't say that, obviously because I can't but even though it is true. I mean that is the truth. And I mean, what if we can't face the truth gets exactly we'll see if we can get some money on the back end for that plug. But I did want to do a little bit about specifically while you're so sought after into being circles, which is your work with a vision board. Absolute amazing. Well, this is the thing, the reason I am so sought after is because vision boards have been around, what couple of decades now I wouldn't know I really I mean, I know for me, personally, I've been on my radar for about six months. Been very powerful tool. Right. And good. And I am glad that you're seeing that in what I am bringing that as I'm taking vision boards to the next level the way people describe me as the vision board lady envision boards, were on crack. Do you know what I made script? Yeah. Absolutely thing on its ear, boy, lonely. I take them to the next level. I incorporate three dimensional objects onto the board. So is that something that's meant to? To hang on that board. Absolutely. Because a two dimensional board pictures from magazines or fine. You know. Powerful saying so but if you have something sticking out of that board and you walk by it, and it pokes you in the head or scratches, your arm to fork, or something. Absolutely. What are you going to do to own? Look what just scratch me. Exactly. Think about how powerful that is you're gonna look at what just scratched you way too sick. And so you're on. Somebody lived a fuse in the my brain just blew up. Right. So hold. Okay. So just for those that don't know vision boarding. Yeah. Because I want to start from there a vision boarding is you get that it's kind of like what you did in. I don't know. Fourth grade. Absolutely science. Fair clipping out some picks and putting it on a board. Did I do any Justice to that? You know, you have given it, you did Justice to the base. Okay. And that's what it is aboard some pictures with the purpose of manifesting what you want manifesting. I love that. Word all the time you. I should right? So and a lot of people, you know, it's magazines things. I also encourage people to cut out of books. Yes. Out of encyclopedias. It doesn't matter what the book is. You can cut that book up. It's just kind of nice to have the pieces of books on a board like that. Because it reminds you that you've read or the books are on your mind, exaggerate, you haven't read that. Yeah. Shows to other people, you know, that's a bunch of words from book. Absolutely. This is somebody's vision board, who who's reader reading books. This is one of the most important things about my book for CEO specifically because I don't just want that CEO looking at that board every day, I want every person who comes into their office to see that board. And if they see literature something from book, they go. Wait a minute. Does this CEO read books? Does he own books? Right. Do they have a library in this office? It just puts Vikas instantly, it sparks that mind if yeah. This CEO fear. She is read that book, what else if they read exactly? And the only way this. Board is going to work, and I need everyone to hear this is if you actually look at it and focus at what you're looking at so you don't want your vision, blurred. Make sure there's no gunk in your eyes. You want to have a clear if you wear contacts. I'd just putting them in guilty. Give those in those in putting some Zine, absolutely and just clear those those like bolts. Yeah. Exactly. And I want you looking in focusing on that board because a lot of people make vision boards. They put a lot of glitter on them. They put it up. And guess what they do and they never look at it again. Also, I shouldn't do that. So you should be looking at it. Okay. Where's your vision board right now answer me that? Ashamed to tell you, okay, it's in the bathroom. Okay. It was just it was just because that's one of those times right now. Well, I've got at least I mean I'm going to be in here for a couple of minutes. But that's not place that a lot of other people can see it. That's the problem. It's good in that you're going to see it every day. But we're does your competition? See it do your nemesis. See it are the people that you're trying to rise above two. They see how strong your vision is not unless you invite them over and offer them the use of your bathroom. No. Wanna ask you something about a vision boards for companies? That's you've spent so much time on that almost sort of the, the must have on any companies vision board. Are there some things that kind of guarantee you that pathway to the fortune five hundred world? Absolutely. I recommend a thousand dollar. Bill is the first thing that you need actual one. Or can we just do a replica or it's best if it's real? Yeah. You know what I mean? Because again, it just. Tells other people I'm not messing around ideal in thousands, Rachel. That's exhibit A. I also recommend a festive border for any company and I like it to be made out of the closing of the people in the company. So if you can get bills tie and a piece of Carol, skirt, you're really, what you're doing is you're, you're busy and build its team building. It's that's part of it. It's fun. Everybody come to the conference room. We're doing a dozen donuts and cut a piece of your clothing off. And we're making a vision board. I love. Yeah. Wow. Something something. No. How many see this is what I do every week. I'll, I'll change my board up because usually what happens for me is all put a vision together. If it's not done within seven days, I'm not doing it, right. You're our we'll do or, and I'll tell you right now usually most vision boards for me, it's basically a checklist Abang that out and about, you know, four or five hours and then on vision boards done. Yeah. So is that is that something that people should be doing is changing out of vision board on a regular base? Well, only if they complete the vision. I mean if they're doers like you and they're getting it done. If they're not if they do a vision board, and then all of a sudden, it's too hard, while boohoo Crimea river. You know what they should do? They should cry into a Kleenex and or into a tissue than put that tissue on the board. Right. Right. Reminders for boohooing that didn't get it done. Yeah. Exactly. Because if you start making new vision board, then you're, you're stuck in the grass, you're turning your wheels. You're, you're, you're stuck in the mud that's in the field where the grass is that's it. Because you shouldn't have been in there in the first place you thought you could turn around heads that were, you know, get a Subaru, if you're going to do that. And you know what? It was don't have that. That's true. But you know how you could take a picture of a Subaru put that on your vision, board and just, see, I tell people do this, I say, put them on your vision, and then go for a walk and then see how many Subaru's you see drive by. Wow. And I bet you're going to see one or two I want to ask this appropriate to give vision boards to make vision boards for somebody else because I've been making a couple for other people that. I just sort of feel like Africa a lot. I just, I just wish their life would change on been making. I've made one for Tammy my producer. Yeah. Sorry, tammy. But I have, and I don't know is that something that's appropriate. Can I make vision board for someone else just kind of throw it up in their face? You know what? Absolutely. Because, you know what it's their responsibility to do a counter vision board, if they don't like your vision, 'cause answer this question, if they're not gonna make a vision board for themselves, then then who is and I think the answer is you. I am for her right? Saying that Tammy in this scenario, should then vision board back to me, something, absolutely. So in a sense, we're having a communication by flashing each other our visions of who we want the other person to be absolutely and somewhere in the middle is the people, you're gonna be interesting. Right. So this is almost something that would work, even in personal relationships marriages, you know, you on my vision board, I have folded close. Please help out is what I would be. The saying that you. Yeah, it's the clearest message that a husband and wife or, or obviously not even same sex couples, it doesn't matter. Everybody can hate each other in, in marriage xactly. I'm clarify. Yes, it doesn't gender doesn't matter that partner, regardless of shared or not shared gender. You can just absolutely hate waking up to that face and have a vision for who you want them to be exactly. And I even encourage people if it is, as specific as I want you, my partner to change the way, you look than I encourage you to find a celebrity you'd like them to look, more, like somebody that, you know, in your personal life, like a neighbor that you can. Absolutely. No. She's just got that certain say qua- and just keep on. You know, here's a picture of Helen that, I took exactly this is her yesterday, and Gordon, exactly. And you had to take the picture of Helen and you had to you had to print, it, would you to produce it because, you know, that's that's extra effort. And when you're doing does, how much care to change your partner. Absolutely. And I think that's I mean, one almost loving things you can do is continually put in your partner's face what they should be like. Oh man, I wish this is information that I think would have been so helpful for me a now. Four marriages in. I think that this is one of those tools that probably it would have been helpful to have a in those relationships, you know, for those people that say these vision boards it's basically it's just child's play. It's basically dreaming with cutout pieces. How do you answer to that person because this is a tool for executives? Absolutely. It is a tool for executives and do you know what to those people who say, oh, I used to do this. Why do you think we did that in school? What do you think they were actually teaching us? They were getting us ready for the future. The day we started doing math and science that, that was the day. We stopped. We got on the wrong path. I'm telling you to go back to the basics of what actually works. This is just absolutely amazing. And I really do take that to heart to sort of go back to where it began. Exact now without safety scissors. Go back into those magazines get that construction paper or full scap and get those boards Abbas going and putting them in places where other people can see it so that you can rub their faces in. Yeah. Anyways, Dr Beasley, thank you so much for being on the program, and I already can think of some things that I'll be clipping out and putting on my bathroom mounted vision board..

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