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He's back here's Jodi Mack but for now there's sixty minutes until I got a laugh make the most of it I bought my telephone lines eight five five two one two four two two seven have you won't want to do the phone thing but you got to me you need to get off your chest and outstanding point did yours truly is not made in the first hour and forty minutes here today or you want to expound on some really important that I did make add to it you can always send it to me via Twitter at Jodi Mack Maine J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. can sneak in under the wire we down to the last ten twelve minutes here I will read all the tweets and get to them quickly I've got a pretty good day leader in the clubhouse as of right now but you could steal the Daddy mac today award with a better tweak in a life of demons and he shall send it to me Jodi Mack man J. O. D. Y. M. A. C. M. A. N. all by the way kalb voice down and Peter were updated you any update the picked off pass I didn't see I just saw Kerr causing skin head then I saw the cowboy defender run it into the end zone and they put the points on the board and they were viewed the play I didn't see that the ball at the ground I thought it was an interception it was ruled first as a fumble when they reviewed it you could see the car cousin's hand was coming forward the ball did hit the ground so they took the points off the board Minnesota retain the ball they did move a Dallas got the ball back went down the field of Randall Cobb with a good catch in the back of the end zone so way even though when last I told you it's fourteen fourteen it's fourteen fourteen again now what aid is to offense of touchdowns on a defensive touchdown for the cowboys to the phone to yell Dan from Dan bells out Dan the man Jodi Mack ID be I'd be good to have be you background I'm doing really well my football team is you're really well and not mail last week I believe Green Bay loss to the Chargers and build a team and this week the saints lost the falcons in known eighteen and get my team hasn't played anybody and the Packers were pushed to the all ultimate limit today above a Carolina Panthers a southern team plane with all that snow and yet my football team is disrespect of like in the US yeah you're right and it's not accurate and I will say this they did beat the rams earlier this year the rams are good team we saw the rams loose today to Pittsburgh on the road understood I wouldn't say the the forty Niners hadn't played anybody because they did beat the rams they did beat the Panthers and a hell of a lot easier to Green Bay did so you got a point there the cardinals the same way Carolina push them the package to limit today to kind of push Niners debt limit when they last played but he is so you can say undefeated undefeated what do you want to see if somebody all right will be to see what this week that one's going to be here to use the we can't beat are you got the cardinals the week after then you got the **** who are one of those teams vying for top spot in the E. N. after you win the next three games you we'd Seattle all by the way all three games at home you we'd Seattle you beat the cardinals who beat the Packers nobody on the planet can say San Francisco is it legit at eleven AM now earn up back ma'am but I always I I already think my team is led yet but I have another concern which you said a couple weeks ago about how she any act in a sense you killed in the game manager you said he was in charge of the offense and Saleh was in charge of the defense ever called charming bear game manager I would say but it but you've never called I've never heard you say that on the radio station of all times I've listened to you you you you you're fired that shot it she any of which you've never really used the phrase game manager what I think I said why is that Kyle Shanahan is a outstanding op ed to coach and play caller and one of the brightest offense of mines in the National Football League and it has a bright enough to know big differences in is four K. any turns is deep fried so we're do we divide the quarter there's a whole bunch of coaches in the National Football League did like that Janet is not alone and me grey is absolutely right that he lightweight phones run that defense so I think the two were were right along the same lines and yes Johnny and themes undefeated in the rams team is got three warlords and out so well Shanahan is one opt Mister McCrae in the all and then nothing you said about my Niners couple weeks ago you said that they were the all the Senate you actor made you said they were the ultimate team winning on ultimate winning team which is is it is it football about the whole team correct that was a compliment if somebody says they are the ultimate team meaning they do it in all three phases offense defense special teams that's a compliment I don't know how you would get your nose out of joint that that's that's we say some really nice about your tea I took it as a slight I apologize but the bottom line is we have a good front office finally we have a good head coach I think is the best offense of might in all of football in fact I think he's right up there with bill Walsh and you might disagree a little early for that for European a block party and you're a fan of telecheck cell okay and I think once is better those two but ID Coliseum is right out there right up there with washing his innovative scans and everything he's got all the old man yeah you're you're you're worried about me I'm worried about you you can ease ease had a season I have under his belt you right now they're looking really good on offense and give you that they were undefeated how many did did how many playoff wins is Kyle and Shannon M. F. as the head coach of the San Francisco forty Niners that would be zero right crackle okay we'll leave it be in the same fashion would build walls no I think is that obviously I actually back man I I hate to say this but I think his innovative schemes and his offenses games are right up there with Walt anyone who was in made in the history of the National Football League bill Walsh might be more innovative than any coach ever call jabber jantan isn't in that conversation yet he's got to do one for awhile no I understand what you're saying but I'll put them right at your clothes for the line right up the walls are you're not you're just not curae year of whatever just call her I think that there are too many people out there would not given your nine is an upgraded undefeated undefeated in there and I guess that's fair that you can get your nose at a shape a little bit and say why aren't people doing the right thing and given us credit for what we've accomplished nobody's beat now she can only beat the teams on your schedule we'll continue to win games and shot everybody up I went to their day and well when you start to put a coach ouch he was a good adventure corner and Elena to and if you're talking about his overall opting to capabilities he gets some credit for that too just as a head coach he can't be in a conversation with the wall bill launch went to the wall and the ball into football and one should world with the forty Niners Janet is one playoff game yet and yes I get a day you're just talking about the op well he also hasn't had an off and it's good enough to get into a through ball judge at all by the way to forty nine a defense might be the best in the NFL and if they get to the Superbowl this year it isn't going to be all about their operated computer operates and their defense you can't you can't put Kyle Shanahan in a conversation with bill Walsh yet come on Dan come back down to earth honest join for LA's up on CBS sports radio a George Jerry Mack how you doing man I will talk about the ram but just a quick come about Dan in Danville as for nine years my gosh I they should be pretty good after all a blue chip players about last year for years beyond terrible so we'll see what happens when we get back to rams real quick they're all aligned shambles they got serious problems like they should never went to foreign imports and candles on twenty nine I mean what was he thinking in a close game you sure the part of the ball a close game tional ran the ball more I think they would have won the game if you have been more careful with golf golf is Wallace's competency and they're very disappointing you think it's a confidence thing we got I yes I do I hadn't even given any thought he is still relatively young he did if it's covered education I can tell you when it started when Mister Bella check got his hands on him in the Superbowl eight year because he had a hell of a season and then they completely flummoxed the rams in the Superbowl at least from a defense of side the patriots dead I you know I've seen interviews with him I've heard him talk he doesn't seem like he's got a crisis of conscience but maybe you're right maybe you got a better wear you down and I I I really haven't done enough research on that and read every single call to you put forward E. E. you might be on to something and if that's the case yeah then the coach is going to be able to properties quarterback up and make sure that that confidence does stay with the young man Jody what my comment is it seems like the rams are becoming predictable and the people are picking up on the tendencies or else are picking up on their plays on the on the fourth you're going to punt the ball if it's not I'm almost absolute you know he's only a seven month you're gonna sensors on the wrong go back to the point you know I'm trying to say it's like my gosh yeah you guys got a coach day by being now coached by Mike Tomlin is not the worst thing in the world I'm gonna be a time when ten some people say Tomlin is just a cheerleader Jerry Bratcher I think he's more than that I do use a motivator I don't think he's a bad excel guy but he's one of those coaches who turns everything over to his coordinators he has his offense corner we are straight and it's the French Quarter who is fate and he is a overall coach he's not a one sided a ball guy over the other he takes responsibility for everything but delegate that responsibility to is coordinators Tom was out coached a bunch of guys over the years and today I got the better make back grand from jerseys up on C. B. S. sports radio I'll grant all day and JD could you great.

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