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Great work a new year, a new you may. Maybe a new smile. Hi. It's Jennifer you're not happy with your smile. They need to call my dentist. He is the greatest in all of south, Florida, Dr Jeffrey Cohen, the cosmetic dentist dot com. Five six one nine six seven eighty two hundred that's five six one nine six seven eight two zero zero doctor Cohen's been in practice for over thirty years and with the same staff I've found him because he caters to cowards. When you go there. They get noise. Cancelling headphones sedation laughing gas, they'll give you whatever you need to make you comfortable, and Dr Cohen is the cosmetic dentist. He's one of the most highly recommended Dennis right here in south, Florida. I can't say enough about him. So call today for an appointment five six one nine six seven eighty two hundred tell them I sent you. And your first appointment is complementary five six one nine six seven eight two zero zero Dr Jeffrey Cohen, the cosmetic dentist dot com choice here. And I'm with my. Friend that good Greek Spiro, of course of good Greek moving and storage used to be a police officer so security is a big deal to you. Absolutely. Yes. I've utilized all of my knowledge from being a police officer in the way of hiring processes and petting employee's. You know, making sure that the people we serve to your home are safe and clean and reliable. And I hear from everybody who has moved with good creek peril. You are the best from the person who answers the telephone to the guy who shows up at your door, the packing the moving even if they need storage. Right. Absolutely. I we've got a brand new facility it's climate controlled high level of security. We strive to be the best. We want to be the leaders in the industry. Joyce, and it's so easy to reach you to from your cell phone. All you have to do is dial star star Greek that star star Greek the website, easy to access Greek moving dot com. That's a star Greek refugee, you'll get a live person to speak with him..

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