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Her newspapersponsored a guessing contest all aware in the world is nelly bly and he offered a prize that the person who guest her arrival back in new york down to the second jesus christ the world is to be boring as for us honor adventure as a nelly visited a leper colony in china best porn tab ever even now in sideways they don't tell you them sideways and she bought a monkey in singapore that the second best porn us what your hands together sees still put your hand and it's the monkey as souvenirs goes beat stuff buck and spooned collection bye goddamn meyer were third or or a best friend made of your own hair i don't like it you can give did i threw it away see so for you didn't one of these little for a newly arrive back in new york seventy two days after she left having completed a journey of over twenty four thousand miles almost all of it alone and setting a world record for having done cooler shit than anyone currently listening to the show when i was a kid i once went to the slightly less white suburb next ours i was pretty pretty exhilarating took me way less than seventy two days after queues six baht hurt email i feel like x hands everyone is not going gonna write in at once of feel like we're burying the lead though you should seventy two days which second yeah i don't know how we can appear circa.

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