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The time that we are all learning which I think is, a pretty good way To put. This into context, now major league baseball did. Not cut it much, like this is the statement from MLB, in which, he's going to have to as I say they're all the reeducation camps during last night's game we became, aware of Mr. haters unacceptable social media comments years past that have since been in, communication with the brewers regarding our shared concerns after the game Mr. took the necessary step of expressing remorse for. His highly offensive and hurtful language which fails to represent the values of our game and our expectations for all those. Who are part of it the office of the Commissioner will require sensitivity training for Mr Haider and participation in MLB diversity and inclusion activities initiatives so that means he's gonna have. To show up, at a bunch of events with the verse. Via just go through the whole thing and walk the plank got all of it as I said hater did address it both after the game and then again today in a social, media post added interview comments that I think Given the fact that he. Stated in an, interview speaking kind of off. The top of the, head I think you could say that, it was, that it was sear quote I was young immature and stupid there's no excuses for what was said ask, about the context of the tweets hater said it was something that happened when I, was seventeen years old and as a child I was immature and obviously did some things that were inexcusable that. Does it reflect on who I am as a person today I think that that's real stated he went on I. Was in high school we're still learning who we are in high school you'll live and you learn this mistake won't happen again there's no excuse for what was said and I'm. Deeply sorry for, what I said and what's going and what's. Going on like I said that does it ref- reflect my beliefs going on now As I. Said a few brewers have stepped forward to give support to Kane, we don't know if it's unanimous but a. Few, of step forward and. Put their day out there for excuse me for hater Lorenzo Cain who is African American offered a statement of, defense that I think also made an interesting point with regard to social, media he's young, and we all. Say some crazy things that were young. Kane said that's the reason I don't. Have social media things like this you always get in trouble for things you say when you're, younger give Renzo Cayenne credit for figuring that out we'll move on from this the situation is what it is I know hater. He's a great guy and always. A great teammate. I'm fine everybody will be. Okay we'll move on from it at the end. Of the day we've all. Said some crazy stuff growing. Up even when we're seventeen eighteen years old if we could follow each other around with a recorder all day I'm sure. We've all said, some dumb stuff again that's a Lorenzo Cain I think Very very good analysis. By him Now admittedly this was at a comment that. Hater bait that somebody surreptitiously recorded. It was, something that he posted but again you gotta consider his age at the time and also the naievety that many people had about how social media posts are gonna, follow you around for apper Another. African American teammate Jeremy Jeffers. Told Yahoo sports he. Made a. Mistake when he was younger sometimes you've gotta live with your past. That's not him he'll apologize he'll make it right, I wish. That, I hope people don't take it out of control it was a young stupid mistake. I've made plenty of those he's a. Great guy, he's humbled he doesn't try to make it seem. Like he someone he's, not it's just a mistake that he made, another, brewer all star hey sue Seguela tweeted on social media this morning. Saying that hater is not a. Racist he, made a steak seven years ago he admitted he apologized that most important he learned from it so as I said some of the players that have responded Have given. Hater some, defense I think that he added deserves some defense. For this whole situation, but as they say in the meantime You're going to see, ninety eight percent more reaction to. Josh hater a baseball player tweeted what. He was seventeen would a democratic candidate for governor said aloud and. Then posted on social, media this week This tells you not only the. Double standards that we..

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