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I think are are constantly amused by as well, how many times you think the Brian James is heard were who do you think's better? Lebron James, Michael, Jordan. At that. That's just for the people that yell at each other on TV to to create news to create interest. Hey, let's have a debate. Who's better, Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Whereas the the really good sports fan was sit there and go who cares? You know, who cares? No, or you know, Hyo here. Young people talk like this to you know, there's no way Babe Ruth could play baseball today who cares? You don't have to. Or you hear people my age some older people go. Yeah. Well back in the day. A guy that hit two forty in major league baseball isn't gonna make fifteen million. Well, who cares? The bottom line is. That's what that's what a week hitting pretty good. Fielding shortstop can make maybe league baseball in today's world. Your talk. You know, you'll talk the Charleston. You know, Jose guy was the eleventh man in the NBA see on the bench making ten million a year. You know when the best player in the league wasn't making ten million a year. Maybe when Charles was flying. But who cares? It's the world. And I think we have to accept it. You know, I think we have to accept what is today is let's compare today with today. Let's now compare today with yesterday we're last week or last month or last year or ten years ago. You know, so we live in we live in this world where whatever's happening today. It's gotta be the best ever. There's no way that anything that happened before. Here can be as good as today. And I I hear all all the time. You know instant greatness. Instinct greatness. Win two national championships. You're the greatest thing ever. You know when to NBA championships your dynasty? The greatest hitter in the history of baseball. Why? Because maybe you you almost win the triple crown. It's it's to me. I think we we've gotten to the point where you're either the greatest you're the worst the there's there's there's this. There's this missing of like, it's okay. It's okay to just be really really good without saying the other guy has to be bad. It's okay to just celebrate that you're good without having to demean someone by saying their lousy. I've I've always had always had a struggle with that. Always. And it's just manifesting itself everywhere fans. You know, a games people watching TV politics. This the greatest movie ever, you know, my son's famous for this as I'm sure, you know, a lot of people like this movie comes out top five movies of all time you go. We always have a fun thing with. Okay, that is like the forty fifth top five movie of all time. You've ever mentioned, you know. Oh, that's the greatest song ever see that guy. He's the greatest ever. Yeah. So quick to put labels on things. And we're quick the judge when really we should just appreciate it. Which just go out. That's really really good. Without having to then relegate somebody to something else and and taking the body of work. Like right now, we're getting ready for the Super Bowl. Right. And there's this. Well, who's the greatest quarterback of all time? And then Tom Brady's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. No. Well. Tom brady. Tom Brady's a great quarterback. Bill bell checks a great coach. Yeah. But is he is good as Chuck? No. It doesn't have to be. He doesn't have to be. He just has to be known as a great coach Tom Brady is he the greatest quarterback of all time while I don't know. He's not as good as you know, Dan Marino or he's not as good as Terry Bradshaw. Joe Montana, or you know, name all the guys that that that are out there. Now, he's not as good as Peyton Manning. Then you go. I it just for argument while he has X number of titles. He has five the other guys have five bub-bubba. They threw for more yards. You go into all these crazy things and you start to realize that we've created a world where someone has to be the greatest. Which in and of itself is fine. But then..

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