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That's so my face come do this. That's that's still my favorite of his movies. I did not like three billboards at all. Like at all i. His brother What's his brother's name. Because his brother's a filmmaker too. And i've liked his movies a lot more than that. Such a shame that. I can't remember his name. I like his movies a lot more. Did that movie was a cold war on everyone with a alexander skarsgard and I remember i remember the ania. Yeah yeah and the. I didn't realize that he had a brother. That was a filming. Yeah that's that's that's that. Yeah he also did the guard. Don cheadle. I remember one more camera. But i actually like his movies a lot like i really have. You seen the war on everyone. I feel like i did when it first came out but i don't remember it that much. It's so good it's it's it's it's a movie where both of the cops are crooked cops and ali michael mcdonagh. That's him a but it like what's funny. Is that the james. He's the bill in and his little henchman is is caleb landry jones and kayla is the guy in three billboards who sell rival boards. But he got that gig because he was in war on everyone shore and marmaduke. I like this kid. Yeah but but war on everyone. If you guys haven't seen it it's like a. It's like observing report in lethal weapon. Had a baby. The you know what i mean and and i mean only the good parts of both of those movies like issue more and everyone's really cool all right. That's going on the watch list to some some good good recommendations on this episode. Yeah they say great minds. Think alike and i think joe carnahan is definitely high up on the great minds so absolutely well..

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