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I think this is the president saying I don't want the stock market down anymore I don't ever agree with Jim Cramer because to mail Jim is the biggest phony on Wall Street all he made a fortune okay nobody made money like Jim Cramer not during the dot com years not that he knew how to invest good by the way when he started go out on his own his own hedge fund and start investing money or care take care of money to invest for people he blew all its funds up it wasn't until the dot coms that there's no he's a lousy investor but he's a fantastic networker no one knows how to network Wall Street like Jim Cramer and that's what he did and during the dot com you got ready he was networking everybody he knew the site peeled for coming out he Diane IPO at five Bucks the network is way and and then he hooked up with his body at at CNBC back then David Faber and Maria Bartiromo and those two okay they were the big stars in the morning big stars in on those two and when the dot com start every morning I tell you yeah this is a great stock you'll buy it yelling or is it yes stocks on fire the stock would go from five dollars to fifty five sixty five dollars within a half hour well no one knew that Kramer was picking up the stocks and then the hooked up what would which is again favor hooked up with Faber and Faber would promote it so Kramer in favor would get a big crane was the one who would always find the sake always be the one that working at so he would get a thousand shares and then because friends say Bridget look here's a stock or get in the morning we market over going to the stocks on fire and will pump desktop from five dollars to eighty dollars by noon that's how they had told me his fortune and and and and and that's it again it's just the truth or by Austrian knows that you can't take that from him okay he was very smart and not working so today he made a statement I wish dogs don't think ever agree to it I.

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