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Like. Guan going home bristles assault. Just take this soda both sides. And I told me the belly ballet boys back over to this idea might go online Saudi all. All of those are those are there's an Irish Republican rebel song going home soldiers just basically and told him. If the show just don't go home the level defeat Highland because we'll fight today in and I'll s agree with people. Don't see what the relevance, although than Salem, and you'll has three league in soldier song. If you if you genuinely believe that Catholics Protestants all Bhatt like in those new tube votes it and you need to take a good long fucking halt. Lookie. And do you think is the same as Saudi entered up g that? I think that guys like Alex Salmond by the he thinks Celtic funds scum range assigns scum bag like I'm solely. If you if you look in the it'll scum get hey, check on late. There's no Shen the football fines at all just scumbags and hooligans, and it's just not true appealing to voters. Scotts with it was it was a way heart, and I think that the the Cayman either just before or just awful independence for those. Needed for that the that it was rushed out in the slum through to be seem like they're doing something about something. That's always been around. And that they don't understand. They don't understand the just you talking about the differences between the two team saying, you know, I think one of the things that surround at this point is people lost the notion in idea of nuance. Like things have been nuance than gray not black might. That's when you get these blanket. Policies that come in to stop these type of things like your said, you know, you you're technically breaking the law by saying these things in ball second second song yet. I mean, if you in complex on ppac and see people in twice nineteen Scotland ability what the? Dot no, no, you'll take nickel. And so we understand that. That's probably quite with Shwael ball at the same time. When you get a ideals sorta freedom of speech, I don't see as being hate speech necessarily. Am bought. I think that they'll think that the goes along weather to seize the these guys all sang these songs don't get any by the site. Like who's this fall? The people go into the football as for the people. None right dots whose fault is for people without going. They'll scum is appealing people that all by themselves. So no one's gonna football games have been offended by trouble. Some people taking the castaway. Yeah. Definitely. I mean, I'm going on. But the guys sign in these songs on certain down going. They should not Bosch Belot. This. News the white blanket online. It can only I don't ended. I mean, if I was if I had a friend and had friends. Let's do don't just by a friend and are do friends oranges finds nearly see me off late shut it your boss oil with. Luckily, walkway them and Bill I don't care like. And so I think that the one bodily wrong is just an example who ended up a new fascist sorta someone. As well. Someone affects you go to 'em what you'll see in whereas us came fee. I think it's the politics of this of right? The just driving people back to these. And and having a protest file of voting for fucking Trump in higher are walking class Pilsen. I gain in the right mind could vote for Donald Trump as a monitor the people that could vote from Nigel Farage is a monitor people Jacob mall. Not guy looks like I mean general, but was they'll turn of sorry. But the Trump though, what was the real alternative, and what would often not voted? Yes. But that's an help anybody. So do you think helps people become an racist? So like, what is factual political system vote? We are feet hem are Helary though. Yeah. And both arable Helen as a massive criminal. I. I fuck all. She's the problem just the same as Donald Trump's nor tall in the solution. She's cheese part of the problem. It's thought politics Clinton, we I think that we had went through ten fifteen years of women Boston. The children 'em was the candidate made aero Reagan. We had been sold folks. Promise a hope and the shape Tony Blair, Bo Clinton. Never materialized. We went and we actually had done like windy wall. Go wall. And then America voted again for hope on the Obama. They fuck all. I mean, whether new a argue that Obama hail snow is responsible is he's wanting to make these changes in these golf sale fun realized of absolute nor saying what Homs he'll because industrial walk on place is complete control. He's another Homs Maeda prime example cited thunder jet, but he's one of the prime examples for me like that. When really opened my eyes, the whole campaign leading up to that whole PJ himself fun that many gotten there just can do to yet that this is what's hot and will week woke up and then formation ages as like a fucking ton of bricks, and those are whole lot of people outside anger is fun. Hit. Anderson establishment and voting for things that actually don't help them in any way, shape or form. Because if you think that Jacob Reese Malk Nigel Farraj somehow abolished Jones, no somehow Boston's for the Watkin class, then you're mentally and these

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