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That athletes could take them without any adverse health effects and uh there's really no ethical reason not to allow them to do that when we allow them to do all kinds of other things to enhance their performance from sports psychology to computerassisted training to a nutritional interventions uh and as i mentioned before too but sate breathing a artificial atmosphere is interesting that you said of a anabolic steroids that it could in fact be a preventitive because it seems that some of our rationalization for the prohibition of using drug the drugs to enhance performance is that they potentially cause harm to the athlete and that may be assam athletes who don't want to exposed themselves to that harm are now at a disadvantage if they choose not to sell you're saying there's actually an argument to be made that the opposite effect by tbi indeed and the problem is that we really don't have good studies to tell us how safe or harmful these these drugs are i'm not aware of any longterm studies of anabolic steroids in healthy people uh with the exception of one study that was done a few years ago that uh only i lasted several months and found no adverse effects except in a some men over sixty five who apparently had a slight increase in the risk for prostate cancer well people men over sixty five tend not to be a highly competitive elite athletes so that raises the question of you know do we really have data that show that.

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