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Dot com You'll pay half the commission of a traditional realtor visit door dot com to get started today. Brad Martin in the W B A P Weather Center today is going to be okay. We may have some spotty chair seeing some light rain trying to move up from the hill country this morning, but we're not expecting any real heavy weather. A couple of thunderstorms, maybe at mid day. Couple of spotty showers this morning and then some overnight maybe early tomorrow morning High today 80 Loader Night 70 Tomorrow we are expecting some big storms. Large hail, damaging winds flash flooding some risk of severe weather High 81 low 60 65, but the rain's over Thursday morning. Will be windy and cooler with a high of 75 blue in the fifties. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All the good right now it W b a P 71 degrees True PATRIOTS Mark Levin. In part they come for electricity comes from coal. I just want to know where all this electricity is going to come from. There's gonna be a massive demand now for electricity Massive. Don't give me solar and wind. We know how that worked out in Texas. Mark Levin today had five on the news and talk of Texas Use talking 20 w B A t v a p com Property taxes. They're all over the place. And if you're a commercial property owner this time a year can bring that dreaded unexpected surprise of a greatly increased property tax assessment, Everybody its chrysalis Saito, I want you to consider the good folks over the head wid group. Whether or not you receive a new property tax assessment from the appraisal district, you need to reach out of the head with a group to review your 2021 assessment. Hedwig Group is right here in D FW over 50 years of combined experience with clients.

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