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As well <hes> but you start looking at stewart haas racing as a whole and there's no guarantee that clinton warriors coming back next season. There's no guarantee that daniel suarez is coming back next season season and for that matter even though it's expected it doesn't look like erica and we're all assigned just yet either so three seats there that could overturn eszterhas racing. I don't think all three will will but that is. That's deficit interesting things to look at matt benedetto. I mean matt has definitely opened some is i would think he was opening is before but man the performance last last week has got to do wonders for his resume more yeah then you group them with all the rest of his <hes> finishes lately you look at the last night and races. He had an average finish of eleven point seven. That's a third or a fourth of the season right. There <hes> an average french levin point seven. That's getting it done especially for a team. That is <hes> you know still underfunded. Even though the the new alliance jogos racing they're they're chassis they can only afford to have one generation further back so they're not the newest latest greatest stuff <hes> so they're still very competitive but not quite as competitive as they could be any still doing. This kind of stuff had in second place finishes bristol. <hes> top ten's on top fives at road courses. This is <hes> and even new hampshire finished top five so he's getting it done with the agony should be opening is for sure not to mention. He is the nicest coolest guy that you'll ever talk to as well as the emotion of the night he gets out of the car and still does knocks the interview out of the park for tv yeah and it would've been very easy because the contact with ryan newman for him to get out there and just be seething at ryan newman and newman on the bus for but he didn't do that and he said yeah we may contact the the car got a little tired after that but he didn't say ryan newman costing us race and i think that gains him a lot of respect as well going forward that he didn't act like a crybaby after race <hes> he he battled hard ford on long. He didn't just let hamlin go either so he pretty much checked off all the boxes you wanna see out of a guy <hes> if you're wanting to to to sign him to your team pure and absolute heart when it comes to racing he is a racer. Let's get a good victory lane. Now like we mentioned <hes> like a half hour ago denny hamlin fourth win of the season second career win at bristol here he is speaking words allowed this racist special just in general i mean <hes> you see how many people were in the stands today tonight and you just saw the atmosphere really when i got here on friday. It was just it was electric. I mean you could it. Just tell this this weekend is is big and i you know i definitely got at least two or three texts for my crew chief saying you know this one's really important to me. So are you know so encouraged me to not take one lap off. Bet i have a week off ahead of me and i can rest in so he was he. He was a whipping the horse <hes> for the entire week and so <hes> i i knew that i i definitely can say i did not take a lop off tonight. So it was great to be able to come back. Obviously from two laps down and obviously you have multiple wins now every short-track and then of course we've got any hamlin's saying that this win did not come easy. I knew that <hes> i definitely can say i did not take a lot off tonight so it was great to be able to come back obviously from two laps down and obviously you have multiple wins out every short-track so you know it used to be. I would say early my career. I can't wait to get to the short tracks but now just can't wait to get to a racetrack track in general <hes> weekend win. It doesn't matter if it's a row course or short-tracker superspy way or anywhere we just can win every single week and really the last two months. It's just been incredible that <hes> the adjustments we've made is the season gone on and just keep getting better as crew chief chris gebhardt on team in chemistry. Every great sports team is is always about chemistry in my opinion you know it's the ones and zeros are important the xs and os we're we're gonna call it but but in the end it comes.

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