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With the senior judicial immediately and make judgements accordingly and that sounded crazy at the time because it was sort of so early in that process but he was absolutely right so he really kind of kept himself educated and film kept kind of pushing things forward and uh and yeah and and and was hugely hugely successful at what he did i would you start to the i think anyone you hasn't seem mccain comedy should rudy go visit to if you haven't already or revisits it if you have i mean it's is often seen as a bit of a lesser scorsese but it is actually i think is one free for a one of his best and i think it's bids had a bit of a reevaluation of the last few years think he was critically noughts acclaimed upon release but it's it's an incredible film and jerry lewis puts in an incredible performance so ready with wash it so there we go jerry lewis who died this week aged ninety this week's secondguessed is of course a brilliant director doug lyman he's a director of movies like oh my word you start the little start ballista molby here all day but swingers go the bourne identity mr mrs smith the bomb were on against guy walker tell the ports all over the place that one a jumper that's right for a game he did that to what else do recently that edge tomorrow we liked that film favoring until i know he's back with tom cruise yet again in american made which is a as it turned out tale of barry seal who was an american pilot come mixed up with the american government pablo escobar and his naughty cartel and uh what.

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