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But for most people, it does not represent a threat but then there are other ones. For example, there is a fungal infection caused by the fungus, Sparrow Shangcai which thrives on the dead warns of a rose stem and this has given rise to the name rose pickers disease arose handlers disease. So if you're handling arose in you, you know get pricked. Dead Thorns that has the fungal infection or get a scratch. This way the fungus can get into your skin potentially into your lymph system and apparently you can also inhale spores of this fungus and this can cause all kinds of problems, infections of the skin of course. But of the is the lungs, the nervous system bones and joints, and then finally she mentions that there are infectious agents of plants that can produce secondary by products that are harmful to humans, and she gives the example of fun guide that attack corn. The phrase used specifically is ear rots, which is a news sort of. Words quick for me but this includes the genus few. Sorry Him and these Fungi Produce Secondary micro-toxins including quote few Monessen 's Zehr. Rally known and the aptly named vomit toxin which, yes that is what it sounds like and of course, these are byproducts that can affect you in all kinds of ways She talks about how most of the things like this like like aspergillus flavor also is a a contaminant that you could find grains that produces. Secondary micro-toxins. A lot of these things that produce the secondary micro-toxins that can harm. You would be found specifically not unlike leafy plants like lettuce but on grains and she she pensions, we don't need to be too worried because like grain producers monitor for the presence of these organisms. So yes, it is. In fact, possible for a human to catch a disease from a plant much in the same way that we could catch a disease from a mosquito or a bat. But fortunately, it's not very common. All right. With that, we're going to go and close the book on Jordi Barrel and I think we're GonNa go and take our first break But when we come back, we will unlock another injury in Har Anthology his. There's something in the water Tuesday October sixth on the CW get ready for the incredible.

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