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And my girlfriend had a job opportunity the work for her brother and she said what do you think vegas i said let's go how long ago was that ah almost six years ago and you've been driving how ones who've been around in vegas it's been here a little over two years so what would you do the the four years prior i was just bouncing around from job to job and how's how's over in vegas i mean i would imagine is a pretty damn busy well you know what i like to drive at night and if you like to drive to go places like vegas yes i've seen plenty of cops episodes and how many how many people have thrown up in your car the of account none no wall what you are you really not one person is vomit in your car you're you're in a local over driver vegas i carry puke bags dude let me rephrase the question how many people have you had to give pupate who they're actually use the pup bags in your car i would say three now we're getting somewhere laughter yeah a little longer a year and a half that i probably had three people puke in the pew bags all puke all over the outside of my car but luckily nothing got inside the car and i've heard that close calls there's no doubt okay i before i let you roll tell you a funny story my son and i in in new york we were going to be an h photo bnh if you're from jersey opium age the famous electronics place i bought a video camera there about fifteen well probably 20 years ago so my somewhat to look at something i think it's something drove related my son loves drums so i take the be an age and were on the way home from from being age where taxicab and i don't know what i don't know what precipitated this but the the taxi cab driver regular you know new york city hack a yellow cab driver he starts talking about bads you know it's great to pick up adult him and you know what i'll tell you what friday saturday nights i don't want anybody under 35 in my cab mike how friday saturday nights you don't want anyone under threat he said yup friday saturday night if the rugged 35 get a puking your car and.

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