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Oh oh syn say if. I was to buy this xango sky fires in a zinc book. Yes they're a little bit more expensive time based to ten. So it's fifteen points cheaper sango. Same exact war scroll over one at a four units can be chaos and what happens is they just gave as each keyword and so now. They're in my list or one out of four and so until they come out and say you have to take it from us each each faction at the more expensive points. They're less expensive on beast. Have at it. The only difference would be that wouldn't have the disciples of key would on the but the but that's not important. Your keyword just wanted to each point signs. They're only what you were doing them like. Wait a second. I haven't been rebranded as as said sound salsa. That's it's definitely it's definitely suss. Gw's part i guess on meet for being a little cheeky with it but It's in the game you know. Tiger woods plays with his whole arsenal. He doesn't just play with butter. Yeah i love it and the fact is well. We'd coalition as well. The what you lose is that they just can't be battleline they just come bad line and they copy your general if you will bringing something from like slaves to darkness on your Your social medical cu. It's be general If you bring in a battleline kessler is a copy battleline they they can be. They can be nicole battalion. They just can't be a align. Sartre interesting you've also got build poodle and your soul snare shackles. And then you've got your you two battalions being the command entourage magnificent and the battle richmond and you've taken extra audifax coming.

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