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Of it's also about the the racism of every single person that watches football right it's also about the racism of every single person that owns a football team or operates football and compaq says what are they called a football stadiums now like the actual the organisation's they call you know you sports sportsbar people know the terms their football team now there's a word for it i i i don't know what your i'll be honest with you i was getting ready to open up a story and i i i didn't hear what you said there now saying seeing the tip bannon typical man there were man and look i we're talking about sports to that this is by this is why this is can't walk because we're talking about sports and you're still not paint time i w i believe me i was kinda paying its is a all franchise okay you're welcome for more sports ex expert analysis please he then next week same bought time so this all started last year when colin kaepernick took in the oppressed oppressed billionaire collar kapran right her part of these slave trade of the nfl because you know all the owners or white an eighty percent of the millionaire athletes that play in the nfl are black ramp told by the left this is like the slave trade corrects i mean it's basically it's basically the exact same today so he takes the knee and he said he can't stand in i'm paraphrasing uh you know an honor a flag of a country that oppresses minorities fast forward a year later now i'm being told this has nothing to do with the flag or the national anthem even though the poster boy for this whole protest said it had something to do with the flag and on top of adjust the cherry on top the sunday walked around and practice one day wearing pigs socks that you know it was a a cop it looked like a pig on his socks har harv so clever right it's very but it's a very powerful statement he's making right so played this has nothing to do with cops either they light cops luck we loved police right right right they're not pay wchs except their pigs so here we are i mean.

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