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That are trying and i off top of my head. I can't remember who like who you know is going to need treatment. I but you know I had mentioned. I'm like hey like bro. Science it's like h c jean-claude and you know a traditional doctor. He's just like in no. Don't do that. But i'm curious what are what is some treatment that you can recommend or that maybe somebody should Kind of research and kind of peek. At when maybe they're swimmers aren't as strong as they should be with men situational so As you mentioned in some cases h. e. g. indoor or climate could be helpful It's important to get a good diagnosis of why the infertility is happening. So in about one third of cases it's what we call female factor in about one third of cases male factor in about one third cases it combined or third factor so Basically workup to see. Is it mostly female infertility male infertility or just the combination of the two so that includes lab work occasionally that includes imaging whether it's ultrasounds or Hfc's things like that but often Male infertility you can find a cause and treat it so there's several other things that you can do and there's lots of studies doesn't mentioned with females the Myo inositol tolerate boss atoll. It's a supplement that lots of amused with males l. Carnitine is because it helps with sperm. Utility is what many menus well so Yeah that's that's your question directly. There's lots of different things that you can do. But it depends on the ideology of the infertility. I know i know you listeners. Right now are probably waiting for us to talk about test. And we'll get there at some point. But i'm really curious lack because this is important for men and women so up if we can. What kind of trends have you seen amongst young woman as far as like. Oh this is something that we're we're continuing to see more of like you mentioned infertility right so like all the labs you seen. You're like wow. I'm seeing a lot of young women with these issues. While going over a lot of these labs what what is what is a common trend and then also on the other side to what does a common trend. Your seeing amongst the labs of young men also. Because i think the reason why. I'm asking for young people and we can. We can get older individuals to is because when you're young you tend to think you're somewhat invincible But you know there's probably a lot of things that are going on that you don't realize like i was like i was mentioning earlier before you came on. I'm super happy. I got these labs done because it kind of gave me some confidence in what was going on. Like i know that. I'm kinda solid now whereas before i was like i could have some ship. I really don't know so. Could you help us figure that out a little bit. Yeah absolutely so in the labs of both young men and young women often. We see elevated proactive and often debts due to a lifestyle whether that certain herbs or stop laments that are increasing your pocket or even a seizure disorder or you're gonna sex addiction or the gluten in haiti and intake is crazy where they can tell you. Can you tell us what herbs like is it like. we'd like what. What are these things. Because when you look over my labs and you're like yeah the elevated proactive. I'm like what does that mean. Is this dangerous. Yeah crate him often. 'cause elevated reluctant any cap annoyed. I smoke a bit. obviously you can have what. What's the what does proactive do. And what's the dangers of having it may be elevated Out of the normal range. It does many ancillary functions and both men and women. It's main one of his main functions is helping with melk. Let doubt so. It raises precipitously during pregnancy from normal around ten to twenty and it raises up the two hundred or even four hundred or six hundred towards the end of pregnancy and health feeding along with Oxytocin so that's its main function It is actually possible for biological males to breastfeed as long as they have enough hypertrophy of the rest issue. We're gonna come out your lockton awesome. There had been. Yeah there's actually been studies on content the protein and nutrients and the You know lactation. L- fluid of male. Is there anything of detriment to having high lacked and other than maybe like sensitive nipples or something like that like is that like is there. Is there any harm. And also i wanna let it be known. Although my proactiv was elevated labs. I do not secrete milk from my peck. Your next you're not tony guy. And my nipples are sensitive to a normal degree. So there's nothing weird going on he put your mind to it. You could potentially produce milk. chris. I don't know about that. I've ever try but tony down there anyway..

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