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Oh you're mind isn't mindset of Performing the it. It just works differently. The brain just works differently. And i think i'm way more focused when i'm on stage in just practicing in my room. And he ended up. We way more positive. Let's is that this program still exists at peabody now. And i'm glad ya still go following in your footsteps and hopefully having similar experiences to grow and perform so while you were at peabody Did you come in. Various tablist goals and priorities And if so did they change through your time and school well. I wanted to be the best guitar in the world. that obviously didn't happen It's interesting when i arrive at peabody I knew i wanted to just my number. One goal was to improve myself Not necessarily be better than others I've never participated in a competition which is strange for classical musician. 'cause all the everybody else that i know they go to competition. They they go into the perform. I've always found that stressful. Or i don't know it was never my. I would never want to compare myself to others. In a way i would just say. Oh we're different. We have different artistry. Who is better. I am i better than you. Especially peabody was i mean. Everybody's pretty good It was. I've never yeah. I've never done a single competition. And i just wanted to share. Music just wanted to become the best guitarist and i could And i think that goal still there with me today Peabody really helped me refine refined my goal with I'm also also write music. And i was really lucky that Julian gray actually embrace that and listen to my composition giving me some advice on civil and my composition. He was when i recorded my first album. He was encouraging me. It was That's not the kind of Experience had in france when my teacher early really care about my competition is about my compositions. I just had to learn to repertoire. He wanted me to learn With with giuliani was more. Like oh well. And i see that now just with me other musician Guitarists would be i. I like really contemporary guitar. Like newer stuff like to Get new guitar road for newark. Work for classical guitar anyway. Just encourage that aspect of them And i think that really helped me Define who wasn't an can. You was kinda within me but i think going to be really refined on really make it come out even more which i really liked. Have you faced any significant setbacks through your time in school and afterwards that you feel have altered the trajectory of what you were working on in your artistic work.

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