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Bill because day just finished constructing the cage the steel cage all of a sudden out a jump street out are nowhere my music hits the people come up for me a walk into the ring that's when all kind of turned down the sound and take you through what's going on in this match this was a match did i enjoyed a hell of a lot of are they going to in a personal part of my life i wasn't going to a great time and you'll see vents maker collar to other times it's me making calls to him we had to help each other stay on track throughout this endeavor and it wasn't a cage match with two great allround athletes it was a cage match with a guy like me into leg braces who is it the quickest in world and richard man who's not the most coordinated individual in the world but two attractions the the people wanted to see do battle the reason i say that is not poke thought advance or did not poke fun at myself but would respect to all the great athletic ability that's going on in the ring these days is not always about your movements in your high spots on a hurricane rana's and of this nats it's all about characters and we had spent a lot of time you'll developing the stonecold character the mr mcmahon character spent a lot of time and a lot of uh you know promo work and the actions and the things that he was thrown down to build up a head of steam in the form of heat for hill and you know as far as the stonecold character goes i was on fire at the time it was a really great crowd there in memphis at night i remember memphis david lee because you know thus route one a broke into the business of professional wrestling i was working at the sport at oran for about two much and i ask jerry jerry what i could start working fulltime in his.

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