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Ridgewood cypress hills east New York and can RCM police are deployed to where crime is happening meantime the MTA has given the green light to buy nearly one thousand new subway cars the R. two sixty twos are open gangway cars which will allow riders to walk from one end of the train to the other without passing through any doors the design allows extra room when it's crowded they will ultimately run on the four five and six lines and will be tested in may of next year emotions ran high at the staples center in Los Angeles yesterday for the memorial for Kobe Bryant his win over NASA said Kobe and daughter Chiana were everything to her they were also speaks **** by Michael Jordan and Shaq o'neal the owner of the helicopter meantime is facing a lawsuit Vanessa Bryant had submitted a complaint for damages against island express helicopters the company that owned and operated the helicopter Kobe Bryant and the eight others were riding in she's claiming wrongful death and negligence against a company saying the chopper was not safe and shouldn't have been flown into fog in a statement island express helicopters says quote he was a tragic accident we will have no comment pending the litigation Alex stone wins do semi thirty seven UP next in ten ten wins entertainment drama on the set of SNL this is Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans and we want to help your house feel more like a home with some of the lowest refinancing rates ever rates have dropped so much.

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