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To making any specific recommendations. 6 23 now and Gary is back with a check on sports. Good morning. John. The Washington football team sits atop the NFC East this morning after beating San Francisco Sunday 23 to 15 Washington's fourth win in a row change. Young had a fumble return for a touchdown, and Cameron Curd added an interception return for a score. Alex Smith sat out the second half with soreness in his leg. Ron Rivera said he was available if needed. We have there in case of emergency, he stayed on the sidelines state loose Try to loosen it up and just stay tight because he couldn't get it loose. And so again, we have an abundance of caution. You know, we were having with Dwayne in the second half. Elsewhere, Cowboys beat the mangoes 32 7 eagles in jail and hurts First our top of the Saints 24 21 bills down the Steelers. 26 15 19 direct directions. Binders dropped their first basketball game of the season falling to 11 Frank West Virginia, 87 71. Nathan K Hotel, a burden and 14 age, but the Spiders had 16 turnovers. Virginia finishes the football season five and five after Saturday's Commonwealth couple lost of Virginia Tech School announced Sunday will decline a bowl bid in the season has concluded. Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente says he'll let the players decided the Hokies will go to a bowl. No change in the polls this week. Alabama Notre Dame or made one to Auburn has fired coach Gus smells on after eight years of a 68 and 34 record. And there are reports the Cleveland Indians will drop the nickname they've used over a century and announcement expected later this week. They're not settled yet on what the new nickname will be that sports Kerry has news radio WR via Yeah, that's interesting to dump the Indians name in, the ABC report said Long. Considered to be racist. The Cleveland Indians long considered to be racist. Mm. I'm in the logo..

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