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See why because ever fast, the horse that Joe L road, the Preakness as good as that horse looked in that race. Something told Joel Sir Winston was coming into the Belmont and better form. So he gives up the melon ever fast who runs off the board here today. Picks up or retains the mount I should say, Sir Winston and boots home owner. Yeah. The final running time here this afternoon to twenty eight point three zero for the mile and a half over the fast race track, and Sir Winston three year old son of awesome. Again. Out of the fleet Alex was bred in Kentucky and owned by Tracy farmer. So a home bred here in that means an awful lot for these connection. It does Tracy, former is an owner who's been involved in this game for a lot of years. And he's never owned a winner of triple crown race until today he is someone who has made his living in the real estate industry. He has been involved in thoroughbred racing for probably three decades or longer. And today he gets the win of lifetime with Sir Winston the Belmont, unofficially. Now just going official here, Sir Winston, your official winner of the one hundred fifty first test of the champion he passes it with flying colors here today. He does that over the favorite Tacitus and Joe via will check in third. We're gonna have all the prices coming up here in just a little bit. If you're wondering about the super facto horse, that was number four tax. You heard from Dan Reeves earlier. They thought that they were going to try to be a little closer here today. That was the strategy. They avoid that strategy. They were right up on Joe via throughout much. Of the early part of the race. Just didn't have the punch turning well. And that's the wisdom of getting jockey. He's got experience at this track. And in this race rotter, t Studer picked up the mount on tax. He wrote him with a lot of confidence. He didn't care that the horse was considered an outsider. He did everything he could to at least put him in a position to win. Did he get the win? No. But the did everything he could write more post race reaction when we come back in conjunction with NBC sports. You're.

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