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Just 'cause i guess. Alice is going to be the favourite the hard knocks team. They're the only team in the window market in the nfc east who's projected to be over five hundred this season so not a lot expected from the nfc east. Do you think it's a division where we see something crazy happened a team. That's unexpected. Maybe finish at the top. Well i'd be washing the best team division. i've seen. I've seen the washington football team. I've talked to the head coach interesting. What the coach said to me. he said. I know we got a lot of good players. I don't know if we're a good team. We gotta find that out. But i think they've got a lot of good players. i think. The quarterback situation is better than what people think Defensively they're going to be very good. They're going to keep them in almost every game. They play yes. they do. Play a tougher schedule this year than they did last year. But i think defensively the best team division and offensively. They're getting better. And so i like watching dallas. I mean obviously. The thing with that is is troubling. Because you know it's just a lot. There's just be rust on doc. I just believe that you know missing training camp and the off-season and glass last weeks last year. There's going to be rust defensively. They will be better mike. Parsons is going to be a a just. i mean. build the whole defense around him. I mean he's a dynamic looking player. They'll be better on defense than they were a year ago. But i just don't think that they're going to be a great team The quarterback thing is is troubling to me and defensively. They're still a year away. I think for being like a really good defense. You better you bet. Thank you l. Acosta's camp barclay chat in the national football league season coming up in eight days. Not that we're counting with the great. Brian baldinger odyssey sports. Nfl insider baldy coming up next in the next segment on the show..

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