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Today is russia's birthday. The website is rush. Limbaugh dot com. And it's still up. Yeah now the chinese have not removed yet. It's exciting rush. Limbaugh dot com the maha-rushie just go and go to the messages to rush section. You see all those beautiful american patriots at send pictures and messages and you can put your birthday message in there as well. I know mr limbaugh will appreciate it. This is breaking news now as the democrats. Try to heal the country and move forward. This is breaking news. This is newsweek. Let me read it to you. House homeland security committee. Chair chairperson representative bennie thompson. Has said that. Senator ted cruz and josh hawley should be put on the no fly list. If they're found liable for inciting the riot at the capital that left five people. Dead thompson is a democrat representing mississippi. Second congressional district said that there would be no exception for elected officials who were found responsible for the deadly incident. Boy this guy staying to the narrative you could say what you want about democrats when you give them a script. They're like george clooney's man they just stick with it. He told the hosts that was interviewing him. There was no question about placing the capital writers on the domestic. No fly list though. There is some debate about how quickly this could be done. We're we're not even a week out yet and the prosecution have begun. I don't mean to laugh but it's kind of part of me is laughing because for years rush limbaugh and other conservative stars have said this. They've been plugged in for years. They said don't let bad people get too much power. Don't let nancy near that gavel. Chill hit you right in the face with it. It slipped out of her hand. And here. we are. Listen to this guy. This congressman thompson. You know what's scary. He is on the homeland security committee..

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