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Appropriations committee chairman Richard Shelby told reporters he didn't think that Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell would put a Bill on the floor to fund the government unless he had assurances from the president. He'd signed the measure sands wall funding, but you never know said Shelby. The instincts of the Alabama Republican were spot on you never know with President Trump. What is past is prologue the White House signalled, Mr. Trump would grudgingly signed the Bill? The presence oscillation is reminiscent of March back then the administration negotiated an omnibus spending package with congress and. President Trump promptly threatened a veto wants the house and Senate pass those measures. He ultimately signed the Bill into law, and that's what teed up the current standoff with the speakers lobby. Chad pergram, Fox News. This is FOX on Justice. It's believed that a faulty sensor was the blame for the crash of lion. Air flight six ten off the coast of Indonesia in October all one hundred eighty nine people on board were killed the sensor. Kept indicating the plane was about to stall and forced the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight into a nosedive the pilots fought to write the aircraft but failed the plane plunged into the sea. Now, Chicago lawyer on behalf of the family of an Indonesian passenger has filed a lawsuit against Boeing lawyer Thomas Demetrio says Boeing is at fault for putting in the bad sensor. He says, quote, it was like Boeing, I blindfolded and tied the hands of the pilots. Boeing says the pilots were trained to override a runaway stabiliser and the training manual includes procedures to manually regain control. But the lawsuit says the flight crew didn't have time to diagnose the problem before flight six ten went into its final fatal nosedive with FOX on Justice. Hank.

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