Atlanta, Mount Paran, Braves discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Hundred wsb talk our triple team traffic team is really working overtime right now to try to keep you guys flowing unfortunately i wish i could tell you anything more than you're getting already from the experts if you are leaving atlanta now if you're trying to head northbound has that cell just as moving through the city it is a nightmare from the time of looks like mount paran all the way northbound to at least wade green road here's the thing on the southbound side if let's say you live up in the emerson area maybe even an acworth carter's ville and you're driving down seventy five south because you wanna come down to maybe hope the braves are going to get that game underway at the normal time you are hitting your brakes just after the altoona bridge i seventy five a little before highway ninety two it is jammed up and i can tell you i drove down here at about two o'clock leaving carterville took an hour and forty minutes to get here to the midtown area and home of wsb trying to get in for the four o'clock you know just to be here by four to go live with you also traffic southbound coming up from that northwest corridor no fun as well you folks on five seventy five northbound thanks to that huge storm that went through knocking down some trees even as far north as coming you are jammed up from basically it looks like from i call it barrett parkway all the way up to past woodstock road pass woodstock itself and town lake parkway so it is a heavy heavy ride in that direction as well so just a miserable ride i would say give and take gap don't don't jam up on people don't cut in on people take your time it is the weekend and you know i i love saying this when i cover on fridays you technically have all weekend to get home don't race.

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