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K L D. J I'm John Cooley a topic. Austin's News All City Council took public comment on the proposed budget for fiscal year 2020 21 today, and for the most part, the Austin Police Department has been the major focus for speakers with many unsatisfied with the proposed cuts. The Aston Community College District is welcoming tests lead in town with open arms, President and CEO Richard Rhodes says. When Tesla creates jobs, it's been promising a CC will be ready to offer the necessary training to make sure workers have the needed skills and as thousands of people continue to struggle under the crushing weight of shutdowns and layoffs, Austin has no intention of letting up on the gas pedal and seeking out voter approval for funding for a multibillion dollar transit overhaul. It's a plan that addresses traffic congestion and expands mobility for essential workers in our city produces greenhouse gas admissions. Aristide, Adler says the revised proposals now just over $7 billion. You're K LBJ Radar. Whether watch Low 79 High 99 Get Austin News on demand NEWS RADIO K L B J D.

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