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He only got booked on five and he never made any and people are like, well, how could he not make any if he got booked on five shows? I like to say all the time. There is many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip. And that is the truth. My friends, people I can't make them go on the shows. They get invited to go on the shows. But people do a lot of things in life that they don't really intend to follow through on. They don't really intend to. Actually do they say stuff. They don't mean it. They buy things they don't want. They do things they don't intend to follow up on. It happens all the time. And I say if you want to come back that if you want your customers or clients, I only have clients. I never have customers. If you want your customers or clients to get great results, you have to charge them a lot of money. Or else they gonna get great results because they don't feel like they have any investment in the process, And if people are not invested, they are not going to succeed. That's one of the many takeaways. I want to go back, though, to one of the greatest things that anybody said in this whole event. It came from a surprise source. Gene a noon The M a goal champion world champion. Mm. A fighter. She's a female Emma Gold champion fighter, Jen Ai Nu knit, And it was funny because I just hired her off of cameo cameos. A site where you go to get Videos made by famous people. And I found her on there. I wanted to bring in an M. M a fighter and she had three best selling books. So she was the perfect person for me to bring in for this event, because I think anybody who's an expert or wants to be more successful. As a speaker or advisor, consulting and any kind of expert you need to have a book. She had three books and I was like, Wow. Three books. Mm, a fighter. Let's let's get you here and I actually paid or 50% more than her asking fee. And I'm so glad I did because my biggest takeaway from the whole event and it really saved my perspective on everything was from Jin a noon when she said. Somebody said to her. My kid is starting out in martial arts. Do you have any advice, and her advice to the kid was when it starts to get hard. That means you're getting good. And he said, What do you mean by that? She goes well when you are beginning in martial arts. People are not so good. And the people who are good are taking it easy on you. So you're not. It's not hard. It's easy. But once you start getting good people start hitting you hard. And that means when you are feeling like it's getting hard, that means you're getting good. Now. I gotta tell you folks. This event last weekend. Overall in every aspect in every possible way. This was the most difficult event I have ever ever pulled off, and it shouldn't have been. It was only 137 people or 142 people. We enrolled 187 I had way more people. The Carnegie Hall Carnegie Hall. Should have been a much tougher event. But this was the toughest event in every way. I mean, Originally it was gonna be at the Harvard Club in Boston. They canceled us. They said, Go Screw yourself. Clinton. Find some place out. So we found the New York Academy of Medicine. You know, I heard Dr Oz. Dr. Oz is one of our premier speakers. He was gracious enough to allow us to move the venue from Harvard Club of Boston to the New York Academy of Medicine. And I heard him in April and I heard him say this virus is going to be snuffed out in six weeks or so that would have put us to the beginning of June. We should have been able to have that event, but Hey, you're in New York. Er, you know, aswell as I do. York was not able to have any kind of anything in the month of June. We're deep in the middle of the pandemic, and so I had to postpone the event. And I had to find a new venue because here we are August 15th. I still couldn't have an event here in New York City with 137 people. Oh my God. God forbid that we have an event with 137 people in enclosed space. It's just not possible people would freak out. No place would allow me to do that in New York City. Which is part of the frickin problem. My brothers and sisters, You know, I've been walking around the city all yesterday and today, looking around the city looks it looks pretty good. There's a few more Vacant stores. They're supported up stores. There's a bit more graffiti in the places that I went. It doesn't look unrecognizable. It looks basically like the New York that I know and love. The only difference is there's no people. All the people seem to be missing in action. It's like it's not a ghost town, but it's Kind of like New York in the 1919 79 I don't know. I mean, I was a little kid back then. Yeah. But back before Giuliani cleaned up New York City, New York wasn't is crowded. And it Didn't you know? I think in that in that sense, New York feels like 1979. Just not as crowded as it is. Has been for the last 20 or 30 years, but it still looks beautiful. It's still you know, Jules. It's a it's a jaw. That people don't watch right now. For whatever reason, People don't want to be in this crown jewel of the world right now, and I understand. With Comrade de Blasio as our leader. It's not a good PR situation. People don't want to be here because everybody knows it's much more dangerous than it. Wass. And people don't want it right now. So be that what it may I think it's a great time to be possibly looking at real estate started to think about buying some real estate in New York City. If you're you know, now's a good time to start looking, I would say. What Today noon in that takeaway of hers really helped me because This event was so difficult I I found this location like I have been thinking about doing it in Tennessee in Nashville. I was never able to secure location in Nashville. No place ever called me back. That was any good. You know, I could never get place. But luckily for me, I have previously done about 25 events at CNN Center in Atlanta, and we called them up and we were able to get a beautiful, beautiful location in CNN center for this event. If you look at my Facebook page, you'll see all kinds of beautiful photos of us doing the event with all these amazing high net worth clients that I have who are all committed messengers, people who want to make a difference and a fortune. Sharing their message. And that's exactly what we did. And it was so difficulty. You cannot even believe it. And I don't want to go into exactly what made it so difficult. Right now. You have to read my next book for that. Because that's where my laid all out just like cold, but you just got to trust me when I say My wife said to me today. After this event. You don't have to be afraid of anything like this was the most challenging difficulty. A set of repeating Difficult events and It was unbelievable. And yet we were able to pull it off. Make it happen. Everybody was happy altogether. We had. I don't know, maybe to refunds, people who were dissatisfied of 137 if you're not happy with what we have We'll give your money back. Don't call us really. And it's kind of like it's kind of like When my baby's mama kick me out, you know? When I was chasing the Hollywood dream. Back in the nineties. And my daughter was born in 95. And that's when I started driving a taxi because I had maxed out all my credit cards, paying for.

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